Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday Wrapup!

It's not one billion degrees outside and my underpants haven't fallen down my legs yet - I consider this a win. Which means that it must be Friday!

Let's get to it.


Ok, so last weekend CB and I were able to enjoy a rare, relaxing Saturday night, complete with Chinese food and a movie. And after the movie, we started flipping around and happened upon a Comedy Central special featuring a comedian we'd never heard of before - Kumail Nanjiani. Apparently, this guy has been around for a few years and so you may have actually seen him perform. But we hadn't. And we were missing out.

We literally laughed so hard that I COULDN'T LAUGH ANYMORE. Like, my body just stopped having the ability to laugh because it was too tired and over-laughed. Meanwhile, CB was wiping tears from his eyes from laughter and we were like 'Who IS this guy and why aren't we his best friend?'

So, since it's Friday and everyone can use a good laugh, check out this clip below. It isn't from the special, but it's pretty darn funny (even if it's kinda bootleg.) Also, there's one or two bad words, so for those of you with super delicate ears, beware.


Thankfully, my dad is single-handily keeping the book blog afloat this summer, though I SWEAR I'm blogging about the Detroit book this weekend. Promise promise.So, REST OF FAMILY? You're on notice. Dad? Thank you.

Check out this week's book by clicking here to read all about the CIA. What? I know! We are a very eclectic bunch. Tori Spelling and the CIA - you gotta love the book blog.


Can we stop talking about the royal baby now? Thanks.


And now, the Video of the Week. (this is for you, CB!)

Happy Friday, everyone, have a great weekend!


  1. You know what comic I really like, is Kathleen Madigan!

  2. "Maybe it will turn into Brad Pitt!! And it DID!!"

    I watched the premiere of his special and my stomach hurt from laughing so hard. So... that was my ab workout.