Friday, October 4, 2013

Friday Wrapup!

I'm baaaaaaaaaaack...let's get to it!


Ok, first of all, I was in Vancouver for most of the week on business and got back around 1:30am last night/this morning and so my mind hasn't completely caught up with where or who I am yet. This wrapup may make less sense than usual. 

Also, remember when in "Sleepless in Seattle" they talk about how it rains nine months out of the year in Seattle? Well, replace "Seattle" with "Vancouver", Meg Ryan, because it's going for the title. Of course, I was only there three days, but since two of those days were full-on rain, I will consider myself an expert of all Canadian weather and will henceforth refer to Vancouver as a rainy city. 

Oh, and rain and dreary and cold makes me unbelievably happy and I'm not being sarcastic about that.

Text between CB and me: 

Me: "I love the overcast, cold weather! I really AM Canadian!"
CB: "How can you like that crappy weather you CRAZY WOMAN?!"
Me: "Oh my God it makes me so happy."
CB: "There is something wrong with your love for the dreary."
Me: "I love it."
CB: "That's so wrong."
Me: "I'm the woman you love."
CB: "That's why people say 'good morning sunshine' not 'good morning overcast gray sky.'"
Me: "Ha!"
CB: "Boooo cold Pacific Northwest! Yay, warm southeast Atlantic!"
Me: "We are living two separate mind-lives."


Um, air travel can be uncomfortably weird. 

Exhibit A: I took the picture below after a group text with my friends who called me a communist for not knowing who all of the Disney characters were. 

First of all, I was in the Vancouver airport. Is there a Canadian Disney World I'm not aware of? Why were there cases and cases of Disney characters from all different generations? 

Oh, and also, if you don't know this about me, I sort of hate Disney. And cartoons. And it's 50/50 that I'm dead inside, if you ask CB. 

But ok, so I texted my friends to figure out why I was being surrounded by figurines and should've gotten credit for knowing who Mickey was, though I guess that's sort of an obvious one? But also , I knew Goofy, and that's downright impressive. However, I accidentally called Donald Duck, Daffy Duck, and got mocked, but whatever, I was close and knew it was an alliterative name. 

Anyway, nobody can really blame me for not knowing Pluto, though, right? Granted, the moment they said "Is it Pluto?" I was all like "Yes!" so there was a part of my insides that knew who it was. 

But then they made me take a picture to confirm, and that's when things got weird. 

This guy was totally onto me that I was taking
weird Disney photos! So I moved my seat soon after.
But then things got even weirder, if that's possible, because when I got on the plane and got all settled in, the GROWN WOMAN next to me took this out. 

It's a dirty talking Ted doll, in case you were wondering.

Um, why do you have this, woman-who-looked-normal-until-you-brought-this-out-and-held-him-for-the ENTIRE FIVE AND A HALF HOUR FLIGHT? Why? 

So I took a picture. Just so she wouldn't be the only crazy person on the plane. 


Moving on. Now, the Book of the Week! 

Um, I'm going to read this book for two reasons: one, I love Haruki Murakami, so when my dad said this was reminiscent of one of his books, I was sold. And two, the cover is pretty and I'm a marketers dream when it comes to packaging. I will literally buy you if you're pink and/or purple and/or glittery. 

Also, it actually sounds like a book I'd really enjoy, and I'm looking for something to dig my teeth into. So, after pulling out my long list of books I've marked down as "must reads" from the book blog, this one might scoot right on up there to the top. 

So, check out "Number 9 Dream" by David Mitchell by clicking here and let me know what you think! 


And now, the Video of the Week. 

Um, this conversation just happened: 

Me: "What should the video of the week be this week? I'm drawing a blank."
CB: "Hmmm..I'm going to hop in the shower and I'll think about it and have something when I get out."
Me: "Ok, deal!"

15 minutes later CB comes and sits down in the living room with me. 

Me: "So, what should the video of the week be?"
CB: "Oh crap, I forgot!" 

He is no help. 

But since every time I travel, I find myself excited to return to New York City, I thought this video would be appropriate. 

Enjoy your weekend, everyone, and OH MY GOD I HAVE THE BEST STORIES for you next week! 


  1. It's definitely safe to refer to Vancouver as the rainy city. That's pretty much what their winter is like and a few weeks here and there not in winter months. They've gone something like 40+ days in a row of straight full-on rain....non-stop. Rain. I live in Alberta, a prairie province, and whenever people from the prairies move to Vancouver their doctors always tell them to buy a vitamin D lamp so they don't get depressed because of the lack of sun. The prairies may get blisteringly cold temperatures and lots of snow but at least more of the winter days are sunny, so it seems far less depressing. BUT, that all being said, most of the rest of Canada gets normal good old snow and frozenness (is that even a word?) for winter LOL.
    PS - love reading your blog, very entertaining!! :)

  2. Becky! I could not adore you more for saying that you kind of hate Disney. Me too!! And I live in Portland, Oregon - and I LOVE this weather. People think I'm nuts and I just said that today to someone at work and they rolled their eyes and walked away. :)
    I love reading your blog, glad you're back.

  3. Yep! I'm echoing Carla! Vancouver really is the rainy city! You're so smart!