Wednesday, December 3, 2014

And then someone made a CB sweatshirt.

Ok you guys, I’ve been a terrible blogger, what with the holiday and then, well, Monday. Forgive me!

We’re heading to Mexico tonight on an overnight flight that CB is insanely jazzed about. Mainly because he knows he’s traveling with me, and when we were going to and from Bali, I may have slept the entire way and perhaps even before the plane took off. Meanwhile, he watched four movies and acted as my shoulder-pillow, which I’m surprised he didn’t know was part of the package when he married me. So I'm looking forward to restful slumber and CB is looking forward to catching up on all of the plane movies. 

Regardless, we’ll be there for the rest of the week so WHAT WILL YOU DO. I don’t know, to be honest. Read the archives? Not get out of bed? All viable options.

OR, you can keep coming back to check out this picture of CB’s newest clothing item (and my left cheek and eyeball) and marvel at the fact that CB paraphernalia now exists in the world. You’re welcome. (Courtesy of Beth and Matt)

Also, CB thinks that this sweatshirt will make him famous because ONE time, someone recognized me in the gym because of my Friendapalooza sweatshirt and, I quote "if they recognize THAT, imagine what they'll do when they see CB wearing a CB sweatshirt!"


Happy Wednesday and I’ll be back with tales from Mexico on Monday! 


  1. Enjoy Mexico lucky ducks! :) Awesome sweatshirt. Think it's already gone to his head? :)

  2. Dear CB,
    Your welcome.
    Beth & Matt

    ps - Bec, do you no if thats the right or wrong your their?

  3. I almost didn't allow this comment because it hurts me.

  4. Way too awesome. Way. Too. Awesome.