Monday, May 11, 2015

I Might Join AARP for the Swag.

I got a letter in the mail the other day from AARP, inviting me to become a member. I kept staring at it, assuming I was misreading. But alas, I was not.

So I showed it to CB, who promptly had a field day with this information.

CB: “Look at the tote bag you’d get! That’s really nice, you should join!”
Me: “I’m not 50 or older!”
CB: “Maybe they’re just going by your average bedtime?”
Me: “I hate you.”
CB: “Plus, we might get discounts and stuff. You should really consider it.”

And then he started reading the letter out loud to me as I walked away to pretend I couldn’t hear his laughter. However, as he got to the last sentence, he started laughing so hard that I started laughing just by watching him laugh, even though I didn’t know what we were laughing about.

CB: “We have to frame this.”
Me: “I hate you.”
CB: “Listen to this last sentence…. ‘It can help you protect your health, your money, your family, your career-“

And then he took a long pause to wipe away laughter-tears:

CB: “-and make the most of life over 50.”

And then he had to sit forward to let the laughter out more, as he clutched the favorite piece of mail he’s never received in his hands.

I’ll begin speaking to him sometime this fall. 

You do have to admit, though, that's a pretty sweet bag. 


  1. I started getting these letters years ago. I'm like HELLO I'm not even 35 yet! It was nuts! My husband has never received one though, he will be 41. I'd be willing to bet that you'd get a lot of use out of that bag though. Something to consider for sure! ---Amanda

    1. It's an AARP conspiracy! But I DEFINITELY am tempted by the bag and movie discounts, I must admit...

  2. I've heard of people registering others for the laugh factor (just name and address). Maybe someone did that to you? And I've also heard that some places sell their lists to this place, since mostly older adults use their products. Buy anything "old" lately?
    Or.... Maybe you can sign CB up to get the mail too?

    1. Ha! Hmmm, I wonder if someone signed me up for them....but more likely, I bought something "old lady" lately (always) and that could've triggered it.......