Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Conversations from Cohabitation

CB and I are meant to be for many reasons. However, this conversation is evidence of how his humoring me is a major indicator of our potential for lasting success.

The other day, we had this discussion while watching a commercial for Cinnamon Toast Crunch:

Me: “Man, Cinnamon Toast Crunch is delicious.”
CB: “The best.”
Me: “Especially the milk when you’re done with the cereal.”
CB: “Yes! That was always my favorite part.”
Me: “When we were kids, my mom would sometimes let us pick a special cereal that she wouldn’t typically buy for us. I remember very vividly being really excited when I chose Cookie Crisp. Literally you’re eating cookies for breakfast.”
CB: “Yeah, my grandma would have those variety packs.”
Me: “Yessssssss. Those were the best.”


Me: “How would you rank your favorite bad-for-you cereals?”
CB, thinking.
Me, impatient: “For me it’d be Lucky Charms, then Cookie Crisp…..”
CB: “Yeah, those are both good. But I think Cinnamon Toast Crunch would be first…”
Me: “That’s up there for me, too.”
CB: “Pops were good, Fruit Loops, Apple Jacks…”
Me: “You’re just naming delicious breakfast cereals, but not ranking them.”
CB, laughing: “Definitely Cinnamon Toast Crunch first….maybe Fruity Pebbles second?”
Me: “Ooh! I liked Smacks, too. ”
CB: “Those were good.”
Me: “And Golden Grahams.”
CB: “Oh man, my mom used to break up graham crackers and put them in milk. That’s definitely top for me. That’s soooo good.”
Me: “I never really got into Fruity Pebbles, but they were good. I mean, if we had them in the house, I’d eat them for sure.”
CB: “Definitely.”
Me: “You know what was always good dry? Frosted Flakes.”
CB: “Yeah, Frosted Flakes weren’t bad.”
Me: “And frosted mini wheats. Basically anything frosted.”
CB: “Eh, frosted mini wheats are too dry.”
Me: “They have frosting on them.”
CB: “Not interested.”

Two days later, via email:

Me: “We forgot Captain Crunch!”
CB: “Haha not a fan. I actually don’t think I’ve ever had it.”
Me: “Um, HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE. That’s absurd. Also, you said “not a fan” and then told me you actually don’t think you’ve ever had it. You can’t be both! I love it. I will buy it. You will try it and I bet you will like it.”
CB: “It looks boring! And I heard rumors it cuts the roof of your mouth up.”
Me: “Um, you’ve heard Captain Crunch rumors? That’s a thing?”
CB: “I googled Cap’n Crunch and apparently it was a thing.”
Me: “That’s not hearing rumors, for the record, that’s googling Cap’n Crunch.”


  1. With crunch berries or just the berries, that's the best.

  2. I agree that the frosted mini wheat was too dry. Even if it's doused in milk. I know, I'm shaking my head at that too because it doesn't make sense. I feel like fruity pebbles and trix were one in the same. Frosted flakes were always a fave of mine. We basically only ate FF, trix, rice crispies, honey nut cheerios. Once my mom tried to make us healthy and bought rice chex. We just smothered them in sugar as we did the rice crispies. I have NEVER tasted CC, but I love the fact that there are "CC rumors" haaaaaa!!!!! ---Amanda