Friday, February 5, 2016

Friday Wrapup

Let's get to it!


This is about ten minutes long, but since it's Friday, I figured you have the time.

Oh, and also, if you hate Coldplay and/or Chris Martin, maybe skip this entire Wrapup?


This week's book is...what's that? None of us blogged? That's correct. BUT, we've blogged before, so check it out here for some great reviews and great reads! 


Ok so as I mentioned earlier, this is a Coldplay-centric post because I'm SOOOO EXCITED. No, not about the Superbowl (well, I'm excited for the football cupcakes I'm gonna make, but that's not really the point). I mean, I'm excited for the halftime show because I unabashedly love Coldplay AND nothing says football like a bunch of Brits singing emo-ish music. BUT BEYONCE WILL BE THERE. Which is amazing. Anyway. 

CB is a genius and bought us tickets to see Coldplay for the first time this summer. And then he rendered me unable to work for the rest of the day when he was like "Hey, maybe they'll have a special guest since this is their only show in NYC." And I was like "Oh my God, what' if it's Beyonce?!" (she sings on the new album with him). And then I lost my mind. 

It's also possible that I told my boss yesterday about the concert (IN JULY. I have no life.) and warned him that, if Beyonce does appear, I won't come to work that next Monday because I will have died of happiness. To which he was like "I don't understand the obsession with Beyonce. My daughter loves her, too." (she's 17.). And then he continued talking about music and referred to "The Mumford Brothers." To which I told him that's why he doesn't understand Beyonce. 


Here's a track off of their new album, which I'm obsessively listening to/dancing to in preparation for knowing every word and getting on the Jumbotron five months from now. Might I remind you I'm someone's mom? Poor thing. 

Happy Friday!


  1. Sometimes, I believe you to be my spirit animal, Becky. Just so you know, I have taken the 20 minutes during which I could have been watching Chris Martin and devoted it to playing Oregon Trail.
    Was it really like this? I can't help but still love it.

    1. I can't get it to play! (um, I mean...I'm at work so I'll try later.)

      NOW go take 20 minutes and watch Chris Martin!