Wednesday, December 12, 2012

How I'm sometimes confused for Mariah Carey and why this isn't actually a real post.

Warning: This isn’t a real post because (a) nothing exciting has happened to me this week to blog about and (b) I didn’t sleep well last night and so my mind is on hiatus from creativity.

Also, it’s not a real post because it involves a lot of conversations about glitter and so, really, you guys can just stop reading now. Don’t say you haven’t been warned.

Ok, so I have a colleague at work who calls me “Glitter.” He refuses to call me anything but Glitter because of the following reasons:

The first time we had a group meeting, I may or may not have been wearing my glittershoes.

Colleague: Are your shoes sparkling?
Me, excitedly: Yes!!
Colleague: Wow.
Me: I know, right? Best

The second time we had a meeting, I may or may not have been wearing a sweater I was uniquely proud of.

Me: You see how there’s actual sparkling thread sewn throughout the sweater?
Colleague: Wow, there really is.
Me: But it’s subtle so it makes me both a professional and secretly sparkly.
Colleague: I don’t think it’s a secret.

And the third time we had a meeting, I may or may not have been wearing sparkle eye shadow.

Colleague: Do you have sparkles on your face?
Me: If by my face, you mean my eyelids, then the answer is obviously yes.
Colleague: You really do love to sparkle.
Me: It’s true.
Colleague: I think from now on I’m only going to refer to you as “Glitter.” For some reason it seems to suit you better than “Becky.”
Me: Ok, but I don’t want any vague or obvious references made to Mariah Carey or that terrible movie.
Colleague: I don’t even know what you’re talking about.
Me: Then you can confidently call me “Glitter” without accidentally insulting me.
Colleague: The fact that calling you Glitter in the first place doesn’t bother you at all is one of the main reasons I even talk to you.
Me: You do know, though, that there's a difference between glitter and just being sparkly, right?
Colleague: This conversation's already lasted longer than it should've.
Me: Fair enough.

Happy Wednesday, everyone! 

Also, it’s a special someone’s birthday today, so happy birthday Cousin Nikki! She’s not my actual cousin, but she’s CB’s cousin and she's one amazing chica that I'm lucky to call my friend. So when I asked her what I could call her on here, Cousin Nikki won the vote.

I hope you’re wearing something sparkly (or drinking something sparkly and bubbly….) and having a great day, CN! 


  1. If Glitter ever starts to get old, you could always change it up with another pop culture reference and be referred to as Robin Sparkles! (

    And Robin Sparkles songs are SUPPOSED to be bad, so it's a double-win!

    1. Oh my God, I've never even HEARD of Robin Sparkles - this is amazing.

    2. You have TOO heard of Robin Sparkles, and your pants are on fire.

  2. I have been called Sparkles a time or two because I have a penchant for wearing glittery eye shadow. It's a good thing I am ridiculously overweight or they might suspect me of being a pole dancer in the evenings. Glitter: the herpes of the stripper world.

    1. Hahaha it really IS the herpes of the stripper world!

  3. I require glittershoes in my life immediately. Time to demand a shopping trip out of the Taller Half! ;)

    1. Everyone should have a good pair on-hand in a glitter emergency!

  4. Something major has happened to you this week! I cannot believe you, as a personal friend (to be) and inside source (to be) have not addressed Coco and Ice-T's infamous Twitter "fight"!Please weigh in! it seems like everything is kosher between our favorite reality show love birds, but how can we be sure? Ice and Coco 4EVR!

    1. I know, right??? You have no idea how close I was to posting about it. I have a feeling it will end up in the wrap-up this week..... :-)

  5. I love it. The fact that you have awesome enough co-workers to merit conversations like that makes me even more jealous of you life.

  6. I want glitter shoes! (And I'm thinking we need a photo... :) Hilarious!

    1. Haha you can check out the photo on the link above in the post - and you should totally get yourself some! They're the best.