Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday Wrapup

It's Friday! Let's get right to it.


First of all, thank you to everyone who emailed, commented, etc. regarding my Uncle Bob. I have the best readers ever.


Oh my God, you guys, relax. Ben Affleck as Batman will be fine and the world will go on. Also, I will single-handily keep the movie theaters in business come Summer 2015 in the hopes that he takes his shirt off again like he did in "Argo."

Moving on.


I swear to God I'm trying this on the treadmill when I get home later. Also, send the paramedics for when I fall off and break my face.


And now, the Book of the Week. This one's on my list, which is super-annoying because my list is growing longer and my bedtime is getting earlier. This does not bode well for making it through any chapter of any book in less than two days.

I'm a good time.

Click here to check out The Golem and the Jinni by Helene Wecker. Enjoy!


And now, the Video of the Week.

I've been waiting for this moment for months (as CB has been dreading it.) Finally this week, John Mayer's new album dropped (as all the cool kids say - back in 2002) and I've been dutifully listening to - and really enjoying - it. CB is very excited that I share my music choices with him.

Anyway, this has quickly become one of my favorite's off of the album, so enjoy this rare glimpse of John Mayer singing directly to me (in my mind). Also, you can learn Spanish while watching it, too! Bonus.

And happy Friday, everyone!


  1. Yay!! John Mayer taught me spanish!! :D

  2. OMG, totally nothing to do with anything you said in this post BUT... You said once in a comment that when the Taller Half and I found our dream apartment we'd know it. HOW RIGHT YOU WERE. We found it yesterday and are applying for it!!! And if we're denied, I may have to do something drastic.

    This is my long winded way of saying THANK YOU for giving me the hope to follow through on this whole apartment hunting deal. You're the best.

  3. Noooooooo! What was the treadmill video? Damn iPhone wouldn't let me watch the video and now YouTube has removed it. I think it's a conspiracy.