Friday, March 7, 2014

Friday Wrapup

I audibly gasped when hearing the news that we have to move our clocks ahead one hour on Saturday. Thanks for starting off my Friday on a low note, morning news.

Let's get to it.


I think this cat is how CB feels most of his days?

Since we all know how I like to keep up on the latest trends, I was pleased to see that one of the runway shows during Fashion Month (is that a thing?) was quite similar to the look I've been sporting all winter called "Winter can suck it and so can any fashion choice when it's -18 degrees."

Fashion Would You Rather: Hulking Sweater Monster vs. Elegant Loofa
Also, I'm pretty sure we can all agree that fashion is pretty much
just putting a bunch of things you own on at the same time and being like
"I'm a genius."


This week's book is a throwback from a few year's ago but kind of timeless and timely. Also, my dad wrote it (the review, not the book) and refers to me as "Beckie" throughout, which will always and forever make me laugh. 

He's referred to me as "Beckie" since I was a kid, through my teens, and into adulthood. I'd comment and say "Um, dad, it's spelled with a 'y'. Also, you named me...shouldn't you know?" and then he laughs good-naturedly and my mom and I never drop it, which he appreciates.

Anyway, it's called "The Last Lecture" by Randy Pausch and I listened to the audiobook and was really moved by it, so I bought it for my dad. I think my dad's review is spot on - except for the ego part - Randy had one and it was not reminiscent of my dad. So no fear. 

Click here to check it out - I don't think you'll be disappointed! Enjoy!


Um, I want to warn all of you that I may be incredibly boring on Monday's post because a friend of mine loaned me the entire first season of "House of Cards" and I plan on not getting out of my pjs, eating pizza and probably some popcorn, and binge-watching it. I'm so excited!'ve been warned. Kevin Spacey or bust! 


And finally, this week's video is from one of my favorite bands. But it's one of those bands, like the National, that when I put it on for too long, CB is like "Why are you one of the happiest people I know yet listen to music that makes people want to kill themselves?" And then we debate good music and I always win because, obviously. 

Anyway, here is a throwback from The Editors. Happy Friday, don't forgot to grudgingly turn your clocks forward and I'll see you Monday! 

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  1. Oh, I HATE Daylight Savings! I always forget to change my clock, and the kids act like they have jet lag for at least three days. Also, whenever Daylight Savings Time starts here in Australia, the farmers complain that their cows become disoriented, and little old ladies complain that the extra hour of sunlight makes their curtains fade faster. (seriously!)

    Also, where can I get one of those puppies? Gorgeous!