Friday, March 14, 2014

Friday Wrapup

Alright, Mother Nature, you've officially confused me into submission. First, you jack the time up by an hour, but make it lovely and sunny and warm and so I'm like "Cool, who wants to sleep when it's so nice out anyway?"

And then you make it drop into the single-digits and the wind starts blowing so hard that I start saying things like "It's a twister, it's a twister!" at work because everyone always finds me and my anachronistic film references funny.

And then I sadly put all of my spring clothes back into the pile on the floor, making room for my sweaters, and so you decide to jack it back up into the 50s for the weekend so that I'm totally confused by how I should be dressing and feeling.

You win.

Let's get to it!


These always make me laugh. People are mean and don't know how to use spell-check.


This week's book is called "The Happiness Project" and is one that I read a while ago but have chosen to re-read again. Maybe you can read it with me! Click here to read the review and check out other great book suggestions that you might also enjoy.


Ok, so for the Video of the Week, I've chosen a song simply because it's pretty and I love it. Enjoy and Happy Friday!

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