Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Conversations from Cohabitation

The other day we were watching "Karate Kid" and a commercial for "Titanic" came on.

Me: "See, it could be worse. We could be watching 'Titanic.'"
CB: "I've got news for you, we would not be watching 'Titanic.'"
Me: "Have you seen it?"
CB: "Yeah, I saw it when it came out."
Me: "Courtney and I saw it 7 times in the theater together."
CB: "Please don't tell people that."
Me: "But it's true!"
CB: "Still. That should go in the "stuff I keep to myself" pile."
Me: "Yeah, but if it were up to you I'd keep almost everything in that pile."
CB: "Exactly."


Uh, I got the confirmation email this morning from a very nice woman in Bali who has organized our snorkeling excursion while on our honeymoon. It included the following sentence:

"...keep an eye out for the resident school of jacks, bump-head parrot fish, blue spotted sting rays, harlequin sweet-lips, giant groupers and giant barracuda."

So obviously I sent an email to CB. The subject line said: "Um....." and then it was this screenshot.


While reading said email and simultaneously watching a terrifying clip on "Good Morning America" about a shark attacking a sea camera:

Me: "Um, it's like the universe is trying to terrify me out of enjoying our honeymoon."
CB: "You do a pretty good job of that on your own. You'll be fine!"
Me: "Um, the shark attacked a camera. It'd totally attack me."
CB, while walking out of the room: "There won't be any sharks."
Me: "But 'giant barracudas' sounds like a good time! They have teeth in front of their face!"


Me: "And did she have to use the word 'giant'? I mean, 'barracuda' would've been sufficient."


Me: "Also, I'm now going to call you "Harlequin Sweet Lips," ok?"


Me: "I'll take that as a yes.

Happy Wednesday, everyone!


  1. Yeah, why would that woman put giant in the email? It's like she doesn't know HUMANS at all, let alone you.

    Harlequin Sweet Lips is the best name ever. You should engrave it onto something personal for CB. He'd love it.

    1. Right??? She clearly doesn't understand me like you guys do.

      Oooooooooooooooooooooooh I'm totally doing that.

  2. Sweet Lips and Bump Head, together forever!