Friday, August 8, 2014

Friday Wrapup

Let's get to it!


First order of business: I want to adopt a puffin. Also, I may be less productive than usual given my responsibility to watch the Puffiin Cam 24/7 now.

Carry on.


This week's book is "The Snow Child" by Eowyn Ivey. Which, I'd like to point out, is the re-debut by my sister onto the book blog! She took a bit of a hiatus and then my dad was like "Um, I'm not the only one who reads in my family, why are the rest of you such slackers?" And I thank him for that because he keeps us chugging along even when I'm like "dad, I'm totally posting my book this week." And then I don't. And then he's like "Ok, so I posted something." and then coughs "slacker" under his breath.

ANYWAY. She describes the book as a treasure, so click here to check it out and peruse around for other inspiration!


OH MY GOD. This video might rival the puffin cam because I literally have tears in my eyes from laughter. I can't stop watching it.


So, while getting ready for work this morning, I turned on one of the music channels and an Ingrid Michaelson song was on. I said "I like her." And then, casually while watering the plants, CB says "So...what's this song about?"

Me: "What's it about?"
CB: "Yeah."
Me: "I don't know, I'm guessing girls who chase boys who chase girls."
CB: "That's it?"
Me, laughing: "I mean, are you looking for a deeper meaning?"
CB: "I don't know, just sometimes there's hidden messages in there or something."
Me: "Oh yeah, hidden meanings?"
CB: "Well music these days, you just don't know."
Me: "Oh my God, I feel like I'm talking to my grandfather about music. You are so old."
CB, laughing: "I'm just saying. 'Boys who chase girls' is the whole song?"
Me: "No, it's girls who chase boys who chase girls."
CB: "Same thing. I don't get it."
Me: "You're a million years old."

And here you have it. Any ideas for CB as to what the hidden meaning might be?

Happy Friday!


  1. For CB: The chase represents life, and we are all connected. Like the love triangle with Archie and Betty and Veronica. Like Six Degrees of Separation (or Kevin Bacon). The circle goes round, and it is a never ending journey. -- Deep. :)

  2. Let's not make it harder than it has to be.

  3. The cat video is hilarious! She just keeps saying "he's free" ha ha ha! I love that song too! Have a great weekend!