Thursday, April 9, 2015

An update

I passed the glucose test! Thanks for all of your support, guys.

However, I'd like to give Nurse Shannon some advice when calling to tell people good news: pretend you're excited for me, Shannon! (note: it helps, when reading the voice of Shannon, to do it in a slightly robotic/neutral/monotone voice, to really get the point across.)

Shannon: "Hi Rebekah, I'm sorry we've been playing phone tag."
Me, trying to sound calm and like I had low blood sugar, just in case: "Oh, that's fine, I understand." Totally breezy!
Shannon: "You passed your glucose test."
Me: "Oh thank God!!! That's so exciting!"


Me: "I was really nervous!"
Shannon: "I can imagine."


Me: "Wow, that's such good news."

Silence, maybe some keyboard typing.

Me: "Ok, well thanks so much for letting me know!
Shannon: "Congratulations. Have a nice day." 

For reference, this is the reaction I
was expecting. 
And that was it. Shannon didn't offer to go out for cake with me, or start excitingly talking about how nervous SHE was until she got the results back from the doctor, or ANYthing. It was just straight professional, monotone, show-no-emotion Shannon.

Which is why I may need to request her in the delivery room, because I have a feeling I'm going to be a little excited/panicky/potentially yell-y, and Shannon will be all like "Now push. Push. Congratulations, it's a boy/girl. Have a nice day." (that's how labor goes, right?) And I'll be crying and overreacting to regular human experiences, per usual, and Shannon will be all like "Ok, I need to go make some glucose phone calls. Your baby is beautiful."

Also, it's possible that this is what CB is referring to when he says that I have "strong emotions" and/or "have only on or off, no in-between."

Anyway...I passed, you guys! Who wants to eat celebratory cake and gummy bears?! (not Shannon.)

Happy Thursday!


  1. Woo hoo! A+! Gummy bears you say? You have to look this place up! Albanese candy factory, it is fortunately for me, 45 min away from my house. I buy 5 lb bags. Yes..... 5 pound bags. So good! Made on site. In the meantime while you're waiting for them to ship, have some cake and I'll cheers to your good glucose health! :) ---Amanda

  2. I'm on it, thanks!!! And yes, cheers!!!!!!

  3. This Shannon is excited for you and would totally eat cake!

  4. Hahaha hi Shannon - and thanks! :-)

  5. Haha, funny! Too many Shannon's in this world, right? :) But, for real...Congrats Becky!! I hope you have an extra big Easter basket that you can dive into! (But If not...CVS has Easter candy 50% off....just sayin) xoxoxo!

    1. Thank you!!! (and thanks for the CVS tip - I'm on my way!) ;-)