Friday, September 25, 2015

Friday Wrapup

Let's get to it!


First, I have to give a shout-out to my mother-in-law for two reasons:

1. She has been babysitting R for the last two weeks while I reacclimate to this whole "going to work full time" thing. It's been a huge relief to know that we didn't have to adjust to daycare at the same time as I was adjusting to getting out the door, showered and clothed in non-spitup attire, each day.
2. Speaking of which....this morning I came out of the bedroom and she was like "Is your shirt on inside out?" and I was like "No... oh crap, yes."

So, you know, one of the above reasons is obviously more important. I'll let you be the judge.


This week's book is "Elephant Company" by Vici Constantine Croke.  This is a book my dad told me about recently and I immediately added it to my growing list Click here  to check it out and browse around for other good fall reads!


I swear to God, if anyone tells me what happened on TGIT (otherwise known as "The Night of Shonda Rhimes TV") I will unfriend you very violently. DON'T SAY ANYTHING, people, this is what DVR is for and I go to bed at 8:30!

Also, I had this conversation with CB last night and he is so happy we're married forever:

Me: "Oh, by the way, at 10 tonight you're going to have to choose between watching 'How to Get Away with Murder' or 'Project Runway.'"
CB: "Um, neither of those sound like options of shows I want to watch. Plus, didn't I tell you no more Shonda?"
Me: "I didn't listen. You'll love it! It's like 'Scandal'!"
CB: "No, no more Shonda!"
Me: "Too late. I already set the DVR. So anyway, when you're watching the Mets and that little reminder comes on that says we're taping two shows at the same time and so you have to switch to one or cancel one, pick whichever one you want."
CB: "Or I can cancel one?"
Me: "No, that's an option Fios gives you. Not an option I am giving you. Plus, the Mets game might be over by then."
CB: "Beck, you're saying that, while I'm watching the Mets play towards their first pennant race in years, I have to stop and watch a show about fashion or a show about adultery and murder?"
Me: "Yes. Oh crap, also, I just realized 'Project Runway' comes on at 9 instead of 10."
CB: "Oh good, then I don't have to worry, right?"
Me: "No, 'Scandal' is on at 9. So you can choose between 'Scandal' or 'Project Runway.'"
CB: "Beck!"
Me: "It's only once a week!"
CB: "This is not happening. We need a second tv."
Me: "No, marriage is the art of compromise."
CB: "This somehow doesn't feel like a compromise at all on your part."
Me: "Right. Today is your day to compromise. I'll compromise tomorrow. See? Perfect!"

And now, the Video of the Week. This song came on this morning and I'd forgotten all about how much I like it. So even though the video quality isn't the best....enjoy! Happy Friday, everyone!


  1. I don't understand what CB's problem is... I feel like you're giving him only good options.

  2. Oh man! Ok so I don't watch Grey's anymore, and never did get into HTGAWM, but I do still watch Scandal. You're going to love love love it. And next weeks looks INSANE. I think maybe you might need another tv. OR if CB doesn't want to watch the shows, maybe he can just listen to the game on the radio all old school style or in my case, beach style. I hope you're adjusting to being back at work, and that is so amazing that your MIL is so awesome that she's agreed to be there with R for you. Has to give you INCREDIBLE peace of mind. Consider yourself lucky! Plus she gives you fashion tips. Ha ha ha! ---Amanda