Thursday, February 25, 2016

My Friends Are the Best

So living with CB over the last few years has taught me many things about myself. For example,the following are facets of my delightful personality that I was unaware of, prior to moving in with my husband: 
  • I believe there is a right way and a wrong way to do things. Specifically, I do things the right way and he leaves cupboard/medicine cabinet doors open.
  • I do not recycle. We’ve been over this. It’s a major character flaw that will mean my daughter grows up in a landfill, I realize. 
  • I’m a cover/couch hog. While CB is several inches longer than me, he gets the “short couch” while I spread out on the long one and lounge, as I’m designed to do. Also, I sleep with three pillows, he sleeps with one. I sleep with the heavy comforter (since I turn fans on to sleep, another charming trait), he sleeps with one quilt. 
  • I’m a monster.

However, I’ve also learned that I’m a major weirdo. Which may not surprise some/all of you, but when you live in your skin for LITERALLY all of your life, you forget that you’re a little off and assume these are just all things nobody talks about, yet everyone does.

FOR EXAMPLE. Several months ago, CB was in the kitchen and noticed a photo magnet on the refrigerator. He came walking into the living room, where I was lounging, and we had the following conversation:

CB: “Hey, who are these people, have I met them?”
Me, looking at the magnet and laughing: “Oh, no, those are the frame people.”
CB, staring at me: “The what?”
Me: “The frame people. The people whose photo came with the frame.”
CB: “Wait, so then why are they hanging on our refrigerator?”
Me: “Um, that magnet has been there, literally, for months. Maybe even a year or more.”
CB: “WHY have you put up a magnet on our refrigerator of people we don’t even know?”
Me: “More importantly, WHY has it taken you this long to notice?”
CB: “Yes, that’s the unusual part of this story.”
Me: “I put it up there to remind myself I needed to find a photo to go in the frame. And then I forgot and now it’s just part of the other pictures up there.”
CB: “But they’re strangers. Who leaves the photo frame picture in the frame?”
Me: “Um, you married her. If you take the pictures out of every single frame we have in this apartment, you’d find the photo people behind them.”
CB, staring at me: “Are you for real?”
Me, laughing: “Is that not a thing people do?”
CB, laughing harder: “NO! How would that be a thing that people do? Nobody leaves the photo frame people in the frame when they put a picture in there.”

And so, to prove him wrong, I walked over to a picture of our wedding day, took it out, and there was a happy family of three, throwing snow at each other on what I can only assume was an enchanting Vermont ski getaway.

CB, laughing: “You are so crazy.”
Me: “I legitimately have never thought about this. I have done this forever.”
CB: “How did I not know this about you?”
Me: “It’s why you married me, I'm assuming. I promised you that it’d never be boring! I did not, however, promise that it wouldn’t be insane.”
CB: “Well that’s the truth.”

Aren't my friends pretty?


  1. I always leave the photo people in the frame behind pictures as well!

  2. Nobody is mentioning why you buy frames you don't need. Is that a thing you do too?

    1. Haha no! The one on the refrigerator with the strangers in it was a gift. But the others are all in use, just with the photo people BEHIND the pictures of people I actually know. Obviously.