Monday, March 9, 2015

For Preston

I’ve had a lot of incredible experiences in my life. But one of the most impactful, shaping, and lasting is the time that I spent at The State News in college. I learned more in that newsroom in three years than in most of the classrooms on the entire campus (sorry, mom and dad) and made friends that are with me to this day for the biggest and smallest moments of this crazy life. 

And while we may be far and wide now as we carry on outside of Student Services and The Peanut Barrel, we are a close-knit tribe that relentlessly supports and cheers on one another every step of the way.

Well, one of the biggest hearts of that tribe has passed away after a heroic and incredibly long battle with her own. Preston was a kind, fiercely loyal, and eternally optimistic soul who even went so far as to faithfully support this little blog.

So, since the State News produced far better writers than I, I’m dedicating this post to Jen Preston in the way we do, in the words of just some of that tribe....

(sorry, I know the font is small)


  1. I'm sorry to hear about your friend Becky :( My thoughts are with you! Great post for her and what a great tribute that The State News made. ---Amanda