Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Conversations from Cohabitation

So the other day we were sitting around talking about the names we’ve picked out for the baby, both boy and girl. And while we have a backup boy name just in case – as CB puts it – “He doesn’t look at all like a __________(fill in the blank)”, we don’t have a backup girl name. 

Which is totally fine with me, because I love the names we’ve picked out and babies look half-baked when they come out anyway, and so they’ll look like whatever we name it? Is my theory. Mother of the year. 

However, apparently my mother-in-law doesn’t agree and is stressing about it on our behalf. And so she and CB sat on their phones looking up Irish girl names while I ate goldfish crackers and wondered when I could nap.

MIL: “What about Maeve?”
Me: “Like Maeve Binchy? She wrote ‘Circle of Friends.’”
MIL: “Um, ok. I just think it’s pretty.”
Me: “No.”


CB: “Nora?”
Me: “There’s already a Nora on my side of the family, my cousin’s daughter. It’s cute. But no.”


MIL: “Chloe?”
Me: “It’s cute…but no.”
CB: “Ciara?”
Me: “Like Ciara the singer? No.”
MIL: “Sophie?”
Me: “Cute, but no.”
CB: “Shannon?”
Me: “No.”
MIL: “Jade?”                                                                                                                   
Me: “Um, no.”                                                                                                                 
CB: “Orla?”
Me: “You’re clearly just messing with me. And no.”


Me: “I like Claire. But not more than I like what we already have. So no.”


MIL: “Blaire?”
Me: “Like from The Facts of Life?”
MIL, looking confused, looking at CB for help, then me: “Uh, what?”
Me: “You know, The Facts of Life, the 80s tv show?”
MIL, blank stare.
Me, to CB: “You know The Facts of Life!”
CB: “Yeah, but I don’t know what their names were.”
Me, singing: “You take the good you take the bad you take ‘em both and there you have the facts of life…the facts of life!”
MIL: “Um…what does that have to do with Blair?”
Me: “Blair! She was the blonde, snotty one. And there was Jo, the tomboy, Natalie, the funny one, and Tutti, the one on rollerskates.”
MIL: “Oh yeah, I know what you’re talking about now. I didn’t realize her name was Blair.”


MIL: “So…..”Me: “No.”MIL: “I think I’m going to swtich over to looking at dinner r├ęcipes for the week. This is exhausting.”
CB: “Welcome to my life.”


  1. Hey, you just know what you like. Ain't nothin' wrong with that!

    (Can I pull off saying stuff like that? It felt weird. But right.)

  2. Ciara. lol. I immediately thought of the singer. And Blair, totes FOL. Tutti, the one on rollerskates. So funny! How about Edna after Mrs Garrett? :)

  3. Haha. I was eating goldfish as I read this.

    My names are picked, but then a television show where a lead character (2, actually) have the same name as the one I'd picked is on Netflix and a couple of my close friends have ACTUALLY laughed at me when I told them the name we had picked because of said show and now I don't really know what to do.

    This is hard work!

    1. I love goldfish.

      Haha that reminds me of my friend who was (inexplicably) reading Twilight when she was pregnant with her daughter and came out of the bedroom one night and said to her husband "What about Bella?" and he was like "Um, what are you reading?" While it's a pretty/cute name, she's grateful she didn't name her daughter after a teen vampire.