Friday, March 20, 2015

Friday Wrapup

Let’s get to it!


Happy Spring, everyone! But don’t get too excited, Spring hasn’t officially sprung until, like, 6-something tonight. Which is why snow is currently in the forecast for my lunch hour.

I’ll miss you too, winter, but quit being so needy – it’s unbecoming!


This week’s book is “After Dark” by Haruki Murakami, who we’ve blogged about before because we like him. And you should too (pressure!). Or not. But either way, you should check out the review here and browse around for other spring reading inspiration!


This is the original patent for toilet paper.
Debate settled. FOREVER. 

EXACTLY, people, this is what I’m talking about! (and yes, if I go to your house and you’re an “under” house? I change your role while I’m in the bathroom. YOU'RE WELCOME.)


You guys, I’m never doing this, so don’t even bother tagging me if you do it on Facebook. Click here

However, I will voluntarily eat a bag of Twizzlers if you promise I don’t have to share.


And now, the Video of the Week. This one is for CB, plus it’s one of my favorite DMB songs AND came on Pandora this morning, making me happy. So it’s the winner! 


  1. Bummer on the snow! Chicago is supposed to get some on sunday. Grrrrr...... FINALLY!!! Toilet paper debate OVER, and I'll tell you this, I change other peoples tp as well! :) I'm definitely an "over" person! My husband just doesn't get it!! I'm with you on the twizzler challenge. OMG, enough already. You like a cause, dear to your heart? Donate! I hate when these people call attention to themselves on social media, look at me look at me, I donated money to a good cause. If everyone donated the dollar amount spent on buying the actual bag of licorice, think of how much money would be donated! (I got "called out" on fb for this opinion of mine, I didn't say not to donate to ANY cause-jeesh) Love the DMB song, I'm a fan since age 18, almost 22 years, God I feel old! I hope you're feeling good these days and are all settled in the new place. quite the task and being pregnant on top of it! Have a great weekend and Sparty on!!! ---Amanda

    1. Agreed! On all counts! (see, this is why we get each other!) :-)
      GO SPARTANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!