Friday, May 6, 2016

Friday Wrapup

Let's get to it!


I cannot, you guys. Clearly I haven't blogged all week and I blame the rain. It's never going to stop raining and I'm never going to not look like Roseann Roseannadanna ever again. Also, even though it's been in the fifty's all week, I've made us sleep with the air conditioning on because it's too humid. CB loves being married to me.


No books because we have lives, people! But we have a couple back-logged that I need to get up there so it's 50/50 that they'll be something from me next week, higher odds that my dad will come through! Thanks, dad! But in the meantime, click here and check out what we've read before it started raining forever!


CB and I had a conversation this morning about back in the day when we'd listen to the radio for hours, waiting for our favorite songs to come on so that we could push record on our tape players and make mixed tapes (NOT mix tapes, this is an ongoing controversial stand I'm taking, but one of which I cannot let go) of the coolest songs.

Then I mentioned that Madonna's "Like a Virgin" was the first tape I owned (followed close by "Electric Youth" by Debbie Gibson and everything by New Kids on the Block). My 100 year old husband then said that his first tape was Van Morrison, who I didn't even know was a person when I was a kid. And then we talked about how RJC will never know the trials of waiting for hours by your radio and finessing the art of getting the song to record just as the DJ stopped talking and just before he came back on at the end.

Kids today.

And since I didn't know what a virgin or who Van Morrison was back then, I'm guessing my parents thought it pretty safe to let me dance along to the tape while wearing leg warmers with my hair in a side ponytail. Because I've always lived in a bubble of my own complete oblivion.

Question: Why is a lion following Madonna?

Happy Friday!

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