Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Conversations from Cohabitation: We Are Officially Gross

(It should be noted that this post in no way reflects the fact that today is the birthday of both my mom and my niece, two incredible people who I'm lucky to know. Happy birthday!)


CB and I have devolved into completely disgusting human beings. Every morning, he sends me pictures as he gets her ready for drop-off. This morning, as I was kissing her goodbye, I could....smell something. I was like "Oh! You left your dad a gift! Good timing! Bye!" and then ran out yelling "she needs a clean diaper!"

Because I'm a good wife and CB is so grateful for every day with me.

So about an hour later, he sent me the regular pictures and then the following text exchange happened:

Then he sent the picture, which I am not sharing because I do have some decorum. More for future-daughter than anything. 

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Someone I know took a pic of their poop because it was green. Like the color of summery green grass. I'm right there with you on the gross scale because I was dying to see it because I didn't believe that it was that green. And it was. What is more gross about me though is that it was an adult persons poo. Welcome to the gross club! And now I don't want to sign my name. So I'll just say this. ---Sparty fan in IL. :) Happy hump day!