Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday Funday Wrapup!

It's the Friday Funday Wrapup! Let's get to it.


First of all, I'm completely at a loss for things to read. I've been reading The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich for 3 months now and, shockingly, it's not an easy breezy read. I've been making a list for my Christmas break of other books from the book blog that I'll be reading, but otherwise, do you guys have any suggestions? Because for real - in the meantime, guess what?

This happened.

The other night, CB and I landed on something that we're unlikely to forget anytime soon. We'd managed to avoid it for this long, but in a state of weakness and desperation during one of his "we can't ever watch commercials so I'm going to frantically flip through every station I have until something is on" moments, we happened upon "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo."

I know.

First of all, does anyone else see the irony in the fact that "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" is on The Learning Channel? I'm just asking. Perhaps we're starting to nail down the problem....

This doesn't require a caption of any kind.
Also, could someone please tell me why they don't have real names? From what I gathered, there's Honey Boo Boo, Pumpkin - one of the sisters? - and Sugar Bear, who's the dad of Honey Boo Boo but not the others, right?

Whatever. When we landed on this show, I said "Oh no, we are not watching this!" and then we became transfixed almost immediately.

Uh, and we had to look up where they were from because this might be the first show I've ever watched where people who are speaking English are being English.

Also, CB made me promise never to tell anyone that we watched it for a few minutes and I assured him that I could never keep that promise.


As I mentioned last week, one of my best and dearest friends participates in the New York City Walk with Us To Cure Lupus Walkathon each year. I wanted to thank those of you who donated after reading last week's post - this means the world to me, Matt, and the millions of others suffering with this disease. 


If you're still interested in learning more or making a donation, please click here. Thank you for helping us spread the word!

Love it, if for no other reason than because of what happens at around 1:27. Enjoy!


And now for the video of the week! If you want to check out the others, click here and here. 

But this week, let's just shake it out, people, and enjoy your weekend!

Happy Friday! 


  1. Here's the last few things on my Kidle:
    Game of Thrones - Have you seen the show? OMG SO GOOD! - I'm nearly done with Book 1
    Jeneration X by Jen Lancaster
    White Girl Problems by Babe Walker

    And obviously Any and All Harry Potter books never leave my kindle <3

  2. I don't know if you've already read it, but Stephen King's ”11/22/63” is fantastic. Also, I'm currently reading ”Autism's False Prophets” by Paul Offitt. It's on the same topic as ”The Panic Virus” by Seth Mnookin (not sure if I spelled that right), and both are very interesting.

    1. Ooooh thank you! I forgot that I wanted to read that Stephen King book; definitely putting that on my iPad for my trip this week - thank you!

  3. If you haven't read it - The Glass Castle by Jeanette Lewis is sooo good. If you have read it, her second book, Half Broke Horses, is also fantastic, though very different.

    I also love 'Lucky' by Alice Sebold (she wrote the Lovely Bones, which is inferior to Lucky, in my opinion).

    Sarah's Key is another good one, albeit another dark tale (Lucky is pretty grim, as well).

    Fall on Your Knees - by Ann Marie MacDonald. So good.

    If you're looking for a happy, light read, I'd go Sophie Kinsella - Remember Me, Can You Keep a Secret, I've Got Your Number, Shopaholic Series.

    Those are my faves!

    1. The best, thank you!!!! I've read a few of those but all of you guys are giving me such good options that I'll be kept in books for a while - thanks!

  4. I'm a big fan of Wally Lamb. He's a beautiful writer. "The Hour I First Believed" is a poeticly human novel. But all of his novels are wonderful. He just has a way of really capturing the human condition.

    1. Me too...and thank you! Writing all of this down...