Sunday, October 28, 2012

There's a storm a comin'!

So I back from a fabulous long weekend that I'll fill you all in on later this week, but looks like I'm sitting in the middle of what they think is going to be a wicked hurricane. SO, no blogging until this thing passes.

Thankfully, though, I had lots of practice this weekend with water safety so I've totally got this.

Stay safe, people! Talk to you soon....


  1. Hey, I'm kind of in it, too! I'm in Virginia on vacation... Yaaaaaaaay....

  2. And I hope you stay safe, too, wherever you are!!

    1. Stay safe!!! I live in NY so we're right in the line of fire...but it's all good.

  3. Good luck and be safe. The last time I was in a hurricane I found boxed wine to be one of my better choices.

  4. Oh no, I hope you are okay. I have been watching it on TV from across the pond and I feel for all of you. x

  5. Stay safe, girl! Sending good thoughts!

  6. So, I've been waiting patiently for your next post, and now I'm scared that you got swept up into Hurricane Sandy! Hope you and yours are safe & sound!