Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday Funday Wrapup!

Happy Friday everyone! Obviously this means only one thing: the Friday Wrapup. Let’s get to it:

First (obviously):




Tomorrow is the Lupus Walk and I can’t thank you all enough for helping to spread the word and for your generous donations. It’s above and beyond what we ever expected and it really means a lot. If you haven’t checked out the link, please feel free to click here to learn more and/or donate to this incredibly important cause. THANK YOU.


I want to thank all of you who gave me lots of great ideas for Halloween costumes after my recent post. I finally came up with one and I promise to post pictures if I can actually pull it off. BUT, in the meantime, my parents sent in proof of the California Raisin costume I mentioned in that post. 

You're welcome.


So this week we have a very special video of the week because it’s not just any week – it’s the weekend of the Michigan vs Michigan State game. While MSU has won the last four years, we might need a little more than a fight song to get us through this. Obviously I want to keep the Paul Bunyon statue at its rightful home, but the Spartans are really going to have to fight.

Yes, I realize this has been a very sports-heavy wrapup today, so apologies to those of you who couldn't care less. I promise to go back to talking about things that really matter next week, like using your turn signal and garbage goldfish.


Happy Friday everyone! Have a great weekend! 


  1. So earlier this week, I was discussing the MSU/UM Game with a fellow alumnus, and we agreed this year would be tough. Then I was reminded of and comforted by the notion that, at that very moment, Johnny Spirit was guarding Sparty.

    Also? Go Tigers.

  2. GO WHITE! (and Go Tigers!)

  3. I love that at first glance, it looks like you are flipping off the camera as a California raisin.