Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday Funday Wrapup!

There are happy hour’s being planned, sleeping in to look forward to, and nobody at all is able to focus at work today. It must be Friday! So let’s get right to it.


First, a little house-keeping. Several of you have emailed or posted on the blog wondering whether or not I actually finally bought a coat, and the answer is yes! I know that hard-hitting news like this is what you come to the blog for each week, and so I don’t like to disappoint.

Also, everyone in CB’s family is still speaking to me, so I consider this a win. But basically it went something like this.

I warned CB, his mom, and his sister that I’m a nightmare to shop with and to please not hold it against me and really, now that I think about it, maybe we just shouldn’t go.

They, in turn, ignored me, told me to get into the car, and we were off.

Once inside, I started to feel that weird, clam-y, panic-y feeling you get when you think you might throw up or die. It’s a feeling I’ve grown accustomed to every time I walk into any sort of shopping venue with someone other than me and my bad attitude.

However, within the first five minutes, they’d found a coat that I not only thought was cute on the hanger, but cute enough on me to be like “Yep, let’s go! We found it!” Uh, apparently that’s not how normal-people shopping works.

So, we "shopped" for about 30 more minutes, which basically means that I wandered around, randomly touching coats while CB carried the coat I thought we were buying and his sister tried on a bunch of coats that she wanted. Also, she’s, like, a professional shopper.

Meanwhile, I was basically just waiting to see how much longer I had to pretend-shop before we could leave.

But while I was fake shopping, I saw this red coat that didn’t look terrible, found a mirror, tried to secretly put it on so no one would see me, liked it, and then started to put it back because I don’t know how shopping works.

CB: Wait, what are you doing? Put that back on so I can see it.
Me, wanting to throw up: Oh really? I was just going to put it back.
CB: Just put it on and quit being weird.

Cut to: 10 minutes later we bought that coat and now I’m a happy camper who hasn’t gotten pneumonia from not being able to zip my coat. Win/win.

Thanks, CB’s family!


Uh, I may or may not have been this guy on the train this morning when I was listening to my “Friday Mix” (what? You don’t have one of those?) and accidentally sang out loud “…cuz I’ve been trying to work it out, ohhhhh.”

Also, if you don’t understand my reference above, here’s some help. Sorry, mom and dad. And also everyone on the PATH train. My bad.

And now for the Video of the Week! Basically, I chose this video because I dig this band and this song and so….maybe you will too! Also, it was totally on my Friday Mix. 

Happy Friday, everyone! Go out there and enjoy it! 


  1. This one's on my Friday Mix

    People don't have Friday Mixes? What? It's Friday!