Friday, January 18, 2013

The Friday Funday Wrapup!

It’s Friday, people! Let’s not waste any time and get right to the wrapup!


First of all, I just want to thank all of you glorious readers who took the time to not write me hate mail and, instead, send me great emails, comments, and Facebook posts in support of me and my mental instability when it comes to hearing criticism from people who like British soap operas. (NOTE TO READERS WHO HATE ME AND THINK I’M STUPID: Please don’t email me about how low my IQ is for calling it a soap opera.)

THANK YOU! My readers are the best.


So last night I was being all Suzy Homemaker-ish and baking and watching the Karate Kid on AMC. Ok, well I wasn’t actually watching the Karate Kid so much as I was making CB tell me what the extra fun facts were that they post at the bottom of the screen when they do my favorite thing ever in the world called “Story Notes.” I mean, I didn’t want to miss out on one single awesome tidbit related to that movie just because I was in the other room!

Also, CB was really excited about this arrangement and didn’t once put the movie on mute to see how long it’d take me to catch on that he was not paying attention to the story notes and, instead, was reading about how to have a better golf swing in his golfing book.

Anyway, I got to, like, step one on my baking extravaganza and realized that we were out of vegetable oil. So after CB very dramatically flung himself onto the bed in a fit of exhaustion over me saying the phrase “Can you do me a favor?” for the millionth time that night, and then us having a pretend argument over who would or would not go downstairs to the deli to see if they had it, I came up with a very logical, down-home solution.

Me: I’ll just go ask one of your neighbors!
CB: Yeah, that’s a great idea. (did NOT note the sarcasm in his voice at the time, I’d like to point out.)
Me: Ok! Be right back!

15 minutes later.

Me: Doesn’t anybody TRUST anybody anymore? Um also, did you at any point in the last 15 minutes wonder if I’d perhaps been grabbed and murdered by one of your neighbors?
CB: Eh, I popped my head into the hallway a couple of times and you were fine.
Me: I was out of sight for at least 10 minutes because I went all the way down the other side of the hallway that even I didn’t know existed.
CB: Well, I didn’t hear any screaming.
Me: I love you, too. Also, here’s the stupid vegetable oil. It only took me knocking on 24 doors before someone finally answered, even though I could totally hear everyone in their apartments watching tv and talking.
CB: Yeah, this isn’t Michigan. People don’t open their doors to strangers.
Me: So I learned.

But the moral of this story is twofold: (1), someone finally did open their door, give me a giant cup of oil, and it didn’t look weird at all that I was in my furry slippers and pajamas walking down the hallway with a plastic cup of oil – because it’s NEIGHBORLY to do so – and (2), if you’d like to murder me, please feel free to do so when CB is a few feet away inside the safe confines of his apartment, enjoying the peace and quiet, and watching the Karate Kid on mute.


For a while now, I’ve been looking for a way to class up the joint. I mean, this is a blog with the word “underpants” in the title, so I’m pretty sure everyone knows what they’re getting into here. But I thought the Friday Wrapup might be a good place to add a little literary fanciness to our days, and so I’ve decided to start highlighting a book blog that my family has been keeping (somewhat) up-to-date for years, now.

Yes, my family has a book blog and yes, there are Tori Spelling books mentioned on there. What can I say, my dad has been a fan ever since he saw Mother May I Sleep With Danger? on Lifetime in 1996 and just can’t get enough.

No, just kidding. He’s been a fan way before then.

Anyway, I’ve noticed in my stats that a few of you are already clicking over to it on a regular basis since it’s in the sidebar, so I thought I’d just spread the word a bit more to those who are interested.  

Also, one might think that I’d choose one of my posts for the first one because, well, it’s my blog and I can do whatever I want. But I’m not. I’m going to choose not only a timely post, but one about a book that I just ordered for myself after reading excerpts of my dad’s copy over Christmas. We were both laughing out loud, so it just might appeal to one or two of you as well!

Enjoy the inaugural (and short – to lure you in…) book post! 


And now, what you wait for with bated breath each week….the Video of the Week.

I chose this video because this morning I went outside of my normal routine – which, given my Rain Man-esque qualities when it comes to rituals, was exceptional – and got my coffee at Starbucks. I got a gift card for Christmas that I forgot about and decided to mix it up a little for a Friday.

Starbucks Barista: Your name?
Me: Becky
SB: Becky….like in that song?
Me: Um……
SB: The “I like big butts” song?
Me: Oh, yeah, like that.
SB: You must get that all the time.
Me: Yeah, except I don’t have a butt, and so then it just becomes ironic.
SB, standing silently with a cup in his hand because there are no words when I forget that not all thoughts are for the outside.

And then I stepped aside and waited for my over-priced iced coffee without feeling weird about that interaction at all.

So, without further adieu…’s a classic.

Happy Friday, everyone!!! 

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  1. Haha, I often find myself having similar conversations with baristas. That awkward silence always seems to follow. My favorite reaction is just just keep smiling like you find none of it odd. That way THEY'RE the weird ones.
    Also, I don't think there will ever be a day that I'm not willing to give a neighbor a cup of oil - even if I was living on the Gaza Strip.