Thursday, November 14, 2013

Becoming Olivia Pope: a step-by-step guide.

Ok, so I know I didn’t post yesterday and I’m sorry about that. But I’m very busy and important, people. OR, I didn’t know what day it was because they’ve all been blurring together this week. But more likely, it’s just that I’m very busy and important.

Speaking of which, I’m pretty sure an air-tight alibi for that statement is in the following story:

So, a few weeks ago, I was dutifully watching my DVR’d “Scandal” on a Saturday morning prior to CB waking up so that I could covet Olivia Pope’s wine glasses and her cozy apartment sweaters on my own time. It’s called relaxing, people.

Anyway, there was a scene in which the first lady (on the show) had some stellar hand close-ups and I was like “Wow, even though I don’t like her, I adore her choice in nail polish.” Also, I’m not entirely sure what happened next in that scene because then I started googling “First Lady on Scandal’s nail polish.”

As people who are busy and important do.

Shockingly – and maybe kind of sadly? – there were, like, one billion options to choose from! And so, after confirming that it was, indeed, Spaghetti Strap by Essie that I had to call my own, I hopped on over to Amazon and placed my order. Then I un-paused the show so I could see if there was anything else I needed to purchase in order to get closer to maybe ever meeting Noel from “Felicity” whose name on “Scandal” I can never remember because he distracts me by taking his shirt off and doing push-ups.

Do we even need to start listing all of the
potential ways in which this is immensely cool? 

 Oh, also, if you don’t watch “Scandal,” I apologize that you read this entire post.

Happy Thursday, everyone! 


  1. I totally bought a pair of sunglasses that Gemma from Sons of Anarchy wears. I'm just as badass when I wear them, too.

  2. His name is Jake Ballard on the show. Love this post, Becky. That nail polish is awesome.

  3. Becky, are you or were you ever a Grey's fan? Jake was in Greys and played Henry, Teddie's husband, he is soooo yummy. Loved the scene where he and Fitz were playing basketball. Good stuff! Also, the VP on Scandal, she played Ellis Grey and Cyres, Cyris (?) played Thatcher Grey on Grey's. Same producer so.... I am a HUGE Scandal fan and thought that it was funny when I saw all of these old Grey's Anatomy cast members on the show. Then made the connection when I saw Shondas name. Also, Essie makes such great colors. I have about 7 shades that I call "non pink" colors. I love Spaghetti strap! I combine that with My Private Cabana. Also try Sugar Daddy, Nude Beach, Sheer Bliss and Blushing Bride. Love the pic of your nails, and jeesh, your engagement ring ..... BOOM. Have an awesome weekend. Love your blog! Amanda- Chicago IL

    1. YES! Big Grey's fan and love seeing the characters from that. I remember him as Teddy's husband but he really is doing the job in Scandal. :-) And love your recommendations, I'll definitely check them out - thank you!! And thanks for reading! :-)