Friday, November 1, 2013

Friday Wrapup!

It’s rainy and I’ve got a candy hangover. But hey, at least it’s Friday! Let’s get to it.


First of all, I learned a few valuable lessons last night. One, I cannot eat sugar after 6pm. I had two Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups (because OBVIOUSLY) around 8 and by 11 I was WIIIIDE awake. Which means that CB was also wide awake even though he tried not to be by not responding to me when I’d talk about how fast my heart was beating and sometimes would just will me to sleep. It did not work.

The second was that if you can talk one kid into giving you candy, they’ll all start handing it to you because little kids are dumb.

JUST KIDDING. Sort of. I mean, dumb is probably a harsh word. More like inexperienced and highly susceptible to suggestion. Which makes kids awesome.

Example: our friends’ kids came over during the trick or treating extravaganza in our building, and since they didn’t want to have seventeen pounds of candy in their own home, they were pawning it off on me. Which I promptly agreed to.

Anyway, her 2.5 year old son walked into our apartment and handed me his Reese’s, and right behind him came a little Thomas the Train guy who thought that I must be the lady he was collecting all of this candy for, and so he walked right in and tried to give me his Skittles.

Man, if I was just a little bit meaner and/or hungry, I would’ve taken it. But instead, I tried to explain to him that it was his candy and he should keep it and that he was the most adorable train I’d ever seen. And then I second-guessed myself but he was already halfway back out of our apartment because his parents realized that he maybe would get kidnapped by the lady taking candy from the little kids. So I didn’t get any Skittles. Lesson learned, self. Lesson learned.


This week’s book review is “The Bottoms” by Joe Lansdale and was written when my dad was feeling grumpy about mysteries. Or so he described it to me the other day when talking about the review. And then he proceeded to tell me about how, after grumpily reviewing a mystery about a serial killer (my kinda story!), he read another mystery about a serial killer.

Um, dad, something we need to know?

But apparently it was coincidental and he’s not trying to turn the book blog into a Dexter-friendly haven.

So since it’s that time of year to feel spooked, I recommend you head over to the blog by clicking here and checking it out! Also, DO NOT FEAR – “Spelling it Like It Is” by Tori Spelling showed up the other day via Amazon so you won’t have to wait too much longer for that review! Silver lining to a dreary day.


CB and I got a new pet. His name is Howard. He’s a pigeon that has taken refuge on our balcony, and when I first discovered him yesterday I was like “There’s a bird on our balcony. I’ve never seen a bird perch there before.” And then everyone ignored me because that’s a boring conversation.

But I woke up early this morning and looked out the window to see that he was still there! And then this conversation happened while CB was trying to take advantage of the last hour of sleep before his alarm went off.

Me: “The pigeon is still there.”
CB: “Ok.”


Me: “I think I’m going to name him.”
CB: “Oh God.”


Me: “I’m going to name him ‘Howard.’”
CB: “Howard? Like Howard the Duck?”
Me: “No, like Howard Hughes. Because he seems like sort of a reclusive pigeon, and Howard Hughes was a recluse.”


An hour and a half later we were getting ready for work.

Me: “So I fed Howard.”
CB: “What?! No! Don’t feed a pigeon! Do you know how much disease they carry?”
Me: “That is not true, I Googled it. Their poop carries disease, not the actual bird.”
CB: “And what do you think the bird is going to do all over our balcony if you keep feeding it?”
Me: “We’ll be fine. He’s sweet. And it’s raining! Poor Howard.”
CB: “Oh boy….”

Then I took a picture so you guys could meet the newest member of our brood.

Howard is shy. 


And now, the Video of the Week. As most of you probably heard, Lou Reed passed away this week at the age of 71. Now, I must admit that I was never deep into Velvet Underground or any of Lou Reed's stuff, but I respect what he brought to the music world and know there are a lot of people feeling that void this week. 

Note: Some of you have written to tell me that you can't view the videos on your phone or iPads. This is something that I think might be an Apple issue, but I've contacted Blogger to see if I can help remedy it. Stay tuned!

Have a great weekend, everyone! 


  1. Awe, Howard is soooo cute! Feed him a handfull of of seeds, or bread, or maybe cooked noodles, from me. What do Pigeons eat? I wish we had a Howard on our deck, but thanks to Mittens the kitten, and O'Malley the alley cat all the "Howards" in the neighbor hood end up laying in the drive way sans head.

    1. Oh no! I won't be sending our Howard your way!

  2. Howard picked the right balcony, that's for sure!

  3. Reese's will be the death of me. If I find fair trade reese's...well, you may have to mop me up off the floor.

  4. I love that you named the pigeon. My husbands twin found a pigeon while working one day and he brought it home and named him "pidgey" (original, ha) Well then he thought their dog ate part of the birds leg and was so sad. Then ten minutes later he just realized that pidgey was standing with one leg up. Like a flamingo. And was happy again. He even climbed on top of the gazebo to put a ramican of water up there for it. Cause you know, birds don't know how to FLY to water when Lake MI is a mile away.... ha ha ha. Great blog you have here. Keep it up. Love it!! Amanda W.-- Chicago IL