Friday, December 6, 2013

Friday Wrapup

Let's get to it!

This was the best thing to happen to me all week.


This week's book is in memory of Nelson Mandela, who passed away yesterday at the age of 95. I read his autobiography after taking a course in college that opened my eyes to some of the struggles the people of South Africa had faced, and it's stayed with me all of these years.

Actually, a few weeks ago I was looking through my books and added it to my list to re-read in the coming year. So, what better time to blog about it and share a great story with all of you!

Click here to read the post and feel free to browse around the others for some reading inspiration!


To get you into the holiday spirit....


And now, the video of the week! It's like one million (ish) videos in one! Best of 2013. Well, best pop of 2013, which is a start. Plus, there are shots of Justin Timberlake looking dapper. You're welcome. 

Happy Friday, everyone!

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