Friday, December 13, 2013

Friday Wrapup

It's Friday and ohmygod Beyonce released an album while I was sleeping and I almost lost my mind when I woke up and was like "THIS IS THE BEST FRIDAY EVER."

Also, I may have gone into the bedroom to a still-waking CB to have this conversation:

Me: "In an unprecedented move, Beyonce released an album overnight without any publicity. I just downloaded it on iTunes for fifteen dollars. I'm so excited."
CB: "Oh yeah, I got an alert on my phone a little after midnight about it."
Me: "What?"
CB: "Yeah, a Twitter alert or something."
Me: "And you didn't wake me up?"
CB: "I thought about it but I figured that's news that could wait until morning, I knew how tired you were."
Me: "I appreciate it, but something to know for our marriage: when it comes to Beyonce, always wake me up."
CB: "Noted."

Anyway, I'm listening to it right now so can't really talk.


Getting into the holiday spirit (and how do I always miss this stuff in NYC? Darn it, normal working hours.)

Also, I can't stop laughing when he runs away from the baby named "Arrow."


So, this week's book review is actually yet another book I read a while ago, but it's being reviewed now because I'm reading another Chuck Klosterman book currently but I'm too slow of a reader and so I'm not done with it. Hence, I can't blog about it. Hence, I'm blogging about a book I read 10 years ago.

Anyway, this is one that I think most all of you would like if you are around my age or slightly younger/older (i.e. grew up in the 80s/90s).

Click here to check out "Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs" and browse around for some other reading inspiration as well!


So, "Love Actually" was on tv last night. But I was being a b-word to CB and flipping between it (not his favorite movie) and "The Millionnaire Matchmaker" because he's the nicest man on the planet.

Anyway, I was in bed by the time this scene came on, so I'm reliving it here with all of you. Also, I love this movie so much and it makes me happy every Christmas when it comes on. Oh, and I always say "just in cases" instead of "just in case" because sometimes I pretend like I'm in the movie and CB is like "You just said it wrong."

Plus, I want her sparkle outfit in adult size.

Happy Friday, everyone!

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