Friday, June 13, 2014

Friday Wrapup

Let's get to it!

My sister has a new shop on Etsy, you guys! And she's all kinds of talented and is doing a bunch of stuff for us for our wedding because she's the best. And also because she was like 'Please don't make me do things like throw you a bridal shower. But I'll totally make you fan programs!'

Done and done.

Click here to check out her shop - it just went up a few days ago so it's a work in progress, but keep an eye out and spread the word! (thank you!)


Something called the Honey Moon is happening tonight? Click here if you also didn't know what that was.

Oh, and would anyone like to place bets on whether I'll be awake to see it? Anyone? Anyone?

BONUS QUESTION: Would you like to place bets on whether CB and his drunken bachelor party mates will see it?

TRICK QUESTION: yes, they will be awake to see it. No, they will not be outdoors unless Jameson flows from the Honey Moon.

It's Father's Day on Sunday! 


This week's book is in honor of two friends of ours who got married last weekend and had a reading by Calvin Trillin during the ceremony. Which was quite appropriately for them, incredibly cool. 

Plus, this is one of my favorite reads because you really can't help but laugh out loud. I'll sometimes pick it up and read a short story just to smile before diving into, like, "Guns, Germs, and Steel" or something. 

This is the perfect beach read, lazy read, or plain old read-read. Click here for the review and peruse the site for more inspiration! 

And now, the Video of the Week.

So one of my loyal blog readers, Jaime, emailed me on Sunday and said:

Hi Becky,
Thanks for writing such an awesome and always entertaining blog!  My sister's friend made this and I thought you'd really enjoy it for the video of the wk :-) 

I took a look and responded that I'd most certainly make it the Video of the Week and thanked her for sending it. I love getting feedback and suggestions from you guys and encourage you all to keep sending things my way!

BUT, you guys, I was totally trumped by "Good Morning America" yesterday and was like "But I was going to make that the video of the week and now everyone will have already seen it!"

However, once I stopped yelling at the TV, I realized that perhaps that's a stretch. SO, staying true to my word (thanks again, Jaime!).....the Video of the Week. Happy Friday, everyone!

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