Friday, June 27, 2014

Friday Wrapup

Oh my God there's so much to get to we must immediately get to it!


First, I had this text conversation just now with Court and then Jason. I'm not a good friend.

Happy almost birthday, my favorite Godson! I love you more than your Godfather does!


This week's book is "The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry" and seems to be one of three I may be bringing with me on my honeymoon. Because that's what people do when they're planning their honeymoon, right? They make a book list? We're such a good time. 

But click here to check out the great review and peruse around for other reading inspiration! There is a TON of stuff to choose from. Thanks, family!


Dear CB,
I'm not snorkeling with you on our honeymoon. You can thank my father. 

Um, so last night I was telling my dad how I'm overcoming my fear of the water and going snorkeling with CB on our honeymoon, and he was all like "Oh that'll be great! Just watch out for the venomous sea snakes." 

And then I handed the phone to CB and was like "I'm out."


Oh good. Right where we'll be. I can't wait to be paralyzed with their venom that will only be
rivaled by the paralysis I will be feeling from my own fear. 


An open letter to anyone marrying me sometime this summer: 


And now, our Video of the Week. Simply (pun intended?), I love it. 

Happy Friday, everyone! 


  1. You also have to be careful of jellyfish. They're much harder to see, and their stings paralyze, too!

    1. Yes! The jellyfish! How could I forget the jellyfish!