Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Old Conversations from Cohabitation

While laying on the couch the other night watching tv:

Me: “Oh my God, look! I just pulled the bottom of my underwear below my shorts!”
CB: “What is wrong with you?”
Me: “How giant are my underpants? I seriously thought I was pulling down my shorts and, instead, it’s actually my underpants hanging out!”
CB: “You know that you don’t have to show me these things, right?”
Me: “But I knew you’d want to see it because it’s crazy.”
CB: “You’re crazy.”
Me: “Same thing.”


Me: “I wonder what our future kids will be like….”
CB: “Awesome.”
Me: “Well, obviously. But, like, I wonder what traits of ours they’ll have, you know?”
CB: “Well, they’ll probably be funny and likely pretty coordinated, especially if they have my genes.”

Looks at me.

Me: “And should be wrapped in bubble wrap at all times?”
CB: “Yeah, because they’ll have your genes too, I suppose.”


CB was in the kitchen slicing the chicken as I was preparing the side dish. He was totally silent.

Me: “Get the lime juice……..ok, 1/3 teaspoon of lime juice……”
CB, silent.
Me: “Ok, did the lime juice…….now baking soda…baking soda…do we have baking soda?….ahh, baking soda! Ok, did the baking soda…….”
CB, silent.
Me: “Now mix…set aside….ok, got it.”
Me, looking over at CB: “How is it that you’re so quiet and I’m talking through every cooking step?”
CB: “What would I talk through?”
Me: “I don’t know…’Now I’m slicing the chicken…’. That’s probably what I’d do. But I’m just realizing that I basically just talked through every single cooking step I did while you stood here quietly.”
CB: “To be fair to you, though, you kind of talk through the steps of your whole life.”
Me: “I love how you understand me."

Happy Wednesday, everyone! Sorry for brief blogging this week, but check out the Friday Wrapup and I'll be back to normal(ish) on Monday! 


  1. OK CB is just weird because how can you not talk through steps in the kitchen? You know like I need 2/3 cups so using a 1/3 measuring cup is said "1 third, 2 thirds so moving on."......sure I could just use the one cup measuring cup but what's the fun in that? But imagine when I need 1 3/4 cup of something then it's" 1 quarter, 2 quarters, 3 quarters, 4 quarters and now 1 quarter, 2 quarters so now final quarter". It's all fun and games unless I get distracted while counting then it's every man for himself. LOL

    1. Yes, exactly!!!!! It's nice to be understood. :-)