Friday, October 10, 2014

Friday Wrapup

Let's get to it!


I basically feel about Fall the way this Corgi feels about that pumpkin. Which is excited. And I want to bite it.


Last night, my dad was like "Are you good for the book blog?" and I was like "Yeah, you guys have kept me afloat for a while, I can add a few tomorrow morning."

And then I didn't post anything and now I'm wondering why I always think I'll just whip up a book blog? SO, I have a question: should I read "Gone Girl"? Yes, I want to see the movie because Ben Affleck is in it. And it's true that Mary asked me if I read it about a year ago, told me how good it was, I added it to my iPhone book list, and still haven't gotten to it. BUT it's on my nightstand now and I'm about to start it. Which CB told me I couldn't do because "then I won't see the movie with you." Which I'm pretty sure is just because he doesn't actually want to go to a movie with me where I talk about what it'd be like to marry Ben Affleck.

HOWEVER, then my dad said that my mom didn't like it. And now I'm unable to make my own reading decisions and am paralyzed by my options. So, readers poll: should I read "Gone Girl"?

Sorry, dad. I'm a terrible book blog poster. I'm ashamed of myself. (also, I want CB to blog about "Unforgiven." Gauntlet dropped.)


Now, the video of the week. Basically, I love this song so really, isn't that enough? Plus, I dare you not to have that whistle part in your head for the rest of the day. Can't stop, won't stop.

What should the video of the week be next week?


  1. I came late to the party as well and just read Gone Girl in July but I loved it. I'm even reading it again right now so I can go see the movie this weekend. It's really a great book.

  2. I agree, I recommend reading it. The book is always better than the movie (Although, granted, I haven't seen the movie yet.) Gillian Flynn is a great writer and her plot twists and turns kept me up all night wanting to see what happened next. There's been a lot of media hoopla about the themes of the book and whatnot, but I think its worth a read regardless for the great story.

  3. Yes - you should definitely read all three of Gillian Flynn's books. All are kind of dark/twisty stories but all also enjoyable/entertaining reading