Friday, October 31, 2014

Spoooooooky Friday Wrapup

Ok, not really. This will likely not be spooky at all. But let's get to it!


First thing's first: you guys are THE BEST. This little blog has been chugging along for a few years now and the steady increase in readership has been so fun to see - and super humbling. But just in the last month the numbers have gone up by nearly 10,000 hits and that's INSANE, you guys. Thank you. Thank you for sharing this with family and friends, thanks for finding any of what I write even mildly amusing or entertaining, and thanks for all of your emails and sticking with me in the months when I was a terrible blogger because of love and tiredness. Also, CB was totally assuming that nobody was reading anymore:

CB: "That's great that the numbers have grown so much! I assumed they were slipping because you don't get as many comments as you have in the past."
Me: "I still get comments."
CB: "Yeah but not as much. And I figured it was because you have said you'd blog and then you didn't and so people stopped reading."
Me: "Um, apparently my lack of blogging has impacted you quite a bit!"
CB: "I'm just saying - you say you'll post on Tuesday, I check on Tuesday! Your public demands it!"

And then I went into the other room because, obviously.

Anyway, THANK YOU for not being annoyed by me like my husband currently is and sticking with my underpants and me!


So we don't have a new book blog post this week BUT! Do not despair. A friend of mine sent me this link earlier in the week with the subject line "Good book." And then she suggested that it be the book of the week.

I couldn't agree more! (FYI: if you have delicate lady ears that don't like the F word, skip this week's special video book.)

Reading Rainbow lives!


So while CB and I basically killed it in the pumpkin carving department this year, we aren't doing any costumes. Mainly because our Halloween will consist of eating leftover candy since I bought too much on purpose  by accident, handing some of it out to the kids in our building, and watching last night's Scandal.

But we haven't always been incredibly lame.

Nailed it.
Ok, this wasn't from Halloween. But again: nailed it.
Not Halloween...

Also not Halloween....

Just a random weekday....

Probably Halloween?....

Likely a Tuesday...

Heading off to college.....

CB's version of courtship.

Are you guys dressing up this year?


And now, the Video of the Week. Best. Movie. Ever.

Also, GOD the 80s were the best. 

Happy Friday, see you Monday!


  1. Maybe people don't comment as much anymore because we just can't compete with your brilliance and wit.

    1. Yeah, let's go with that!!! I like where your head's at. :-)

  2. Love the halloween and non halloween pics. :) Not dressing up, having 6 kids over to the place to trick or treat in the SNOW. Ugh, Chicago weather!! Scandal was awesome last night! Also....still waiting for the rest of the Bali posts! hint hint! ---Amanda

    1. See?? This is why I need you guys! Totally forgot about the last two Bali posts!!! Now we have plans for Monday and Wednesday! Nicely done :-)

  3. Just posting to "CB" sees it.