Friday, November 7, 2014

Friday Wrapup

Let's get to it!


First: A friend was recently diagnosed with a form of Leukemia and it's possible that part of her hopeful treatment plan will be a bone marrow transplant. Turns out that 75 people in the country could be a likely 99% match for her - 75 people!

Her diagnosis is a reminder that many of us are leading wonderfully healthy lives and have the ability to BE the person that could literally save someone else's. As the holidays approach and you begin to wonder, "what could I do to help others?", my friends and I hope that you think of registering in a national database.

It's really simple! You fill out your information, receive a kit in the mail, and take a swab of your cheek.

BOOM, you're a possible lifesaver!

So, while I rarely do this sort of the thing on this blog, I couldn't NOT mention it. This is a platform for laughter and an escape....but how could I be thanking all of you for spreading the word about this blog and watching the readership continue to grow and not use this as an opportunity for you and/or I to be the answer to thousands of people’s hopes and prayers?

Please click here and feel free to pass on to your friends and family! And thanks.


So looks like you guys are liking the book blog - for which we basically have my dad to thank because he'll be like "Fine, I'll post another book even though I know you guys are reading stuff (mutteringlazyfamilymuttering)!" But we've been trying to use guilt (on me) as motivation, which I think is just good family dynamics.

Anyway, thanks for the support guys! Click here for this week's book and browse around for all things eclectic!


You know one thing I would change about my body? Nothing. Not because I'm perfect, but because I'm using my one option for change for my husband, who has decided to not shave just the moustache part of his face. THIS CANNOT HAPPEN, PEOPLE. Apparently, this has been happening for days, but "you never really notice my face anyway" and so I just picked up on it today.

Me: "Um, you forgot to shave a part of your face."
CB, smiling: "No, that's on purpose. It's Mo-vember."
Me: "No no, not in this house it's not. You have to please go shave before work."
CB, laughing: "Nope. Plus, it bothers you so much."
Me: "You look like a 70s porn star."
CB, looking in the mirror: "Yeah, it's ridiculous, right?"
Me: "You are a grown up! The only people a moustache looks good on is Tom Selleck.....and nobody else."
CB: "True."
Me: "Am I hurting your feelings? I mean, did you like it?"
CB: "Nope, I think it looks ridiculous."
Me: "Then please shave!"
CB, laughing: "I the end of the month."
Me: "We are not celebrating my birthday with your moustache, I'll tell you that right now."
CB, putting on his aviator sunglasses: "Now I look like a 70s tv cop. So cool."
Me: "NOT COOL! Oh my God, I can't believe you're going to work looking like that."

And then he did what I'm guessing is supposed to be some 70s tv cop move and left. So I need my blogging people to help convince CB that this is not funny! For other people, yes, awesome. For him? Like, I can't even look at his face.



So, this is basically what happens in our house on a regular basis. I forwarded this to my parents and CB the other day and said "this could be mom and me." And then we all agreed that my niece needed to be included in that since we're already expecting to have a head scratching circle for the three of us at Christmas, which makes my dad, husband, and sister want to immediately leave the room.

We could definitely invite this coatimundi along, though it seems like he's a little too "all about me." It's a give and take, adorable coatimundi!


And now, the Video of the Week.

Happy Friday!

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  1. I NEED a coatimundi! My cat never lets me pet her, she is such a witch! Also, this "Mo-vember" thing is RIDICULOUS! My husband is doing the same only (thank GOD) he's doing a goatee instead of just a porn star stache! My husband can BARELY grow facial hair so it's not too bad, but still. His thing is "Think about how much I'll save on razors!" I can't look at him. Creepy. My cousin says to me the other day "I think Jon forgot about Movember and we're 4 days in" She was thrilled, I'm all "Don't remind him, it's too late now" Men!!! Fingers crossed for another big game tomorrow night! :) Have a great weekend! ---Amanda