Friday, December 19, 2014

Friday Wrapup!

Let's get to it!


I'm sure you guys have seen this already, but I can't stop laughing. Also, I got a note from a friend earlier this week - with a link to this video - saying "this reminded me of you."


Because I've publicly fallen off the treadmill before. Except I wasn't smart enough to start immediately doing push-ups as if I was just a hyper-active cross-trainer. I just laid there with my limbs splayed about, hoping nobody noticed.


This weeks book is...non-existent. I know! I actually meant to blog about Amy Poehler's new book, "Yes Please," which I read a few weeks ago. But I forgot. And now I'm too lazy to do it. SO THERE. Plus, you guys are busy last-minute-Christmas shopping those items I posted about on Wednesday, I'm assuming, so no time to read!

But starting in January there should be a handful of new book posts up there to get the year started off right, so stay tuned!


Yep, it's official: we've run out of things to do with our time.


So, this was going to be the original Video of the Week, but then the one below is actually, technically, the video of the week because it's that time of year and this is my blog and I can post old videos if I so choose.

HOWEVER, Bruno Mars in gold curlers singing this song is one of my favorites, and so I'm sharing essentially TWO videos of the week with you since next week I'll be MIA looking for Santa and my face pillow under the tree!



Happy Friday and happy holidays and I'll see you all in a week!!!


  1. I love when Jimmy Fallon and his gang do a musical number on the toy instruments! This one was special, though!

  2. That man on the pole was killin me! I about fell off of my chair when I saw him in the sleigh! OMG! Merry Christmas Becky and CB! ---Amanda