Thursday, October 25, 2012

Friday Funday Wrapup! (even though it's Thursday)

It's Friday, so we all know what that means...the Friday Funday Wrapup! Unless you're reading this on Thursday, which is when I'm actually posting this because I won't be near a computer tomorrow. Whatever. You get the picture. Let's get to it!


First thing's first:

THANK YOU again to all of you who have been supporting this little blog since its inception in the spring. I'm shocked by how many of you are so loyal, reading and commenting and just really keeping this little thing chugging along. The fact that BlogHer recognized it is in no small part due to you. Also, welcome to those of you who are just joining us!



The second round of thank you's has to go out to all of you who donated and helped spread the word about the Lupus Walk last weekend. We had a blast, as always, and your support did not go unnoticed.


Honestly, you really can
never be too careful. 
Um, so I'm heading up to Rhode Island for a long-ish weekend with CB and some of his family and friends. I'm looking forward to it more than you can imagine.

Except one part.

It's the part where we're going on some sort of really awesome sunset cruise on a boat in the ocean. Fun, right? Yeah, unless you're me and you have silent and soon-to-be-not-so-silent anxiety surrounding all things in the water.

Which is why I wear life vests anytime I'm in (or, apparently, near) it. No, I'm not kidding. Take a look to your left for Exhibit A.

However, because it's how I roll, I won't let my crippling anxiety cripple me. Also, I will be wearing a life vest and I'm 34 years old.

BRING IT, haters.


And now for the Video of the Week! Check out the other Friday Funday Wrapups over the last few weeks for the other videos, if you're interested. But for THIS week's video, I had to choose a classic.

In honor of Halloween next week, please set aside 14 minutes.....and enjoy.

Happy Weekend, everyone!!


  1. Enjoy reading the posts! Have fun in RI this weekend. If you make it through "The Water" incident this weekend, think it's only fair that CB takes a turn and sits through a chick flick or something of that nature! Ps, you can never go wrong with a Thriller reference this time of year. Happy All-Hallows-Eve!

    1. Thanks!!! And I like the way you think! I'm going to share this with CB. He's going to be so excited! :-)

      Thanks for reading and glad you enjoyed the Thriller reference...

      See you on the blog on Monday!