Monday, April 8, 2013

Friday Wrapup!

I’m not at work, my sister and niece are in town, and everything is right with the world. It must be Friday! Let’s get to it.


So, while my niece has been to New York City before, it’s been a few years and she was too young to really remember anything from last time. So, this trip is exciting for all three of us because not only do I get to hang with two of my favorite human beings, but I get to show a 7 year old the magic of the city. I see in her eyes the same awe and excitement that I had when I first got here, and that still strikes me now and again when I feel the rush and the pull of everything New York.

Also, there’s a not-so-small part of me that hopes during our travels underground, we get to experience something like what’s on the video below. It’s one of the many reasons I still can’t get enough of this place. Enjoy!


This week’s book is purely because I’m the devil and sometimes like to torture my sister (and potentially all of you). It’s a book that’s been around for quite some time and is definitely an acquired taste. Also, it’s one that some people – my sister included – should never, ever read. If you’re one of ‘em, just move on along.

The Road is a book that I LOVED. It’s dark, it’s bleak, it’s compelling, and it had me hooked from the beginning. However, as CB has said many times, my “Rainbow Brite” disposition all but disappears when it comes to my taste in literature and some of my “sad sack” music.

He might not be wrong.

So when I was telling my sister about this book a few years ago, I was gushing for a minute and then realized that she would really, really, really, really not like this book and should never, ever, ever read it. But, since she’s her, she took that as some sort of weird challenge and decided to dive right in.

And then it’s possible that she curled up into the fetal position and started rocking back and forth after finishing the book, only pausing briefly to call me and tell me that I’m the worst sister in the world and WHY DID I MAKE HER READ THAT BOOK ABOUT DEATH AND CANNIBALS?

Why? Because it’s awesome.

So, here’s the book review - read at your own risk. And if you end up in the fetal position, please don’t call me.


Remember earlierthis week when I posted about when CB totally wondered if our kids would have arms or not? Well, soon after I received an email from a friend who said:

“I just read your post about armless babies and then watched this video my friend sent me. Hopefully your kid will have arms AND be as brilliant as these little guys!”

And I laughed out loud.



So next week will be the one year anniversary of this little blog of ours. And while I’m sure you’ve all been keeping careful track of this and have some sort of major celebration in store to mark the occasion, I wanted to take just a moment and say thank you.

A lot has happened over this last year, and sometimes it even included me wearing pants. But this journey, this blog, these stories – they have taken on a life of their own because of you, my loyal blog followers. You’ve told your friends about it, you’ve re-posted on Facebook, you’ve linked on your own wonderful sites, and you’ve become fans of the blog’s very own Facebook page.  

And in wonderful, serendipitous timing, two different sites will be featuring the blog in the coming weeks, sort of adding to my already obvious celebratory mood. And they’re two sites who have shown us love in the past – The SITS Girls and BlogHer – and I couldn’t be more surprised and flattered that we’re being recognized again.

Um, also, I do realize that I’m saying “we” here, so don’t worry that I’ve experienced some sort of psychological break where my multiple personalities are coming out (OR HAVE I?). It’s very purposeful.

Because without all of you, this blog simply wouldn’t exist.

Or, it would, but it’d be super sad because it’d be like me posting a blog solely for me to read. Which is not only pathetic, but incredibly boring. And a bit redundant.

Therefore, while I’m continually shocked that any of you find anything I say remotely interesting or funny or re-post-worthy, I’m also incredibly honored to have the opportunity to entertain you guys for even just a few minutes a day, a few times per week.

So thank you for your re-posts, thank you for your “likes”, thank you for the constant (and hilarious) comments, thank you for letting me into your lives here and there, thank you for reading, thank you for laughing, and thank you for keeping this going!

Here’s to another year about my underpants! Cheers!


 And now, the Video of the Week. Since I’m in an Empire State of Mind at the moment, you know, from living here AND getting to experience it again through the eyes of my niece and sister, I decided this was more appropriate. Except maybe it’s not an appropriate song for a 7 year old? Not sure. This is why I’m not a parent.

Happy Friday, everyone, go out there and enjoy your weekend, won’t you? 


(also , special shout out to CB and his family and friends in Austin this weekend!)


  1. Okay, so many awesome things in this post. That video of the babies? The saxophone players (p.s. my brother is a sax player in NYC and I was really hoping one of those guys was him, but it wasn't. Sucks. Oh well) and then topping it off with your one year anniversary and Beyonce!! Gosh dang, woman! Can't wait to see you featured somewhere else!! You were one of the first blogging friends I made and I can't wait to keep reading!! :)

  2. Haha I love that The Road terrified your sister so much. It wasn't THAT traumatic! :)

    Happy Friday!