Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Not a real post. But I do love democracy in action!

So do you guys remember when this blog got nominated for one of the Top 25 Humor Blogs over on SkinnyScoop? Well, during that time, CB was super-excited that, by mere romantic association with me, he was slightly obligated to get on board and vote.

And then this happened:

Email from CB: 
I voted for you… but let it be known that in order to vote for you (because I’m not on Facebook) I had to register with SkinnyScoop and now I am officially a member of a group that sent me a welcome email advertising beauty essentials, parenting products and the things ladies love the most right now. I believe my man card was just revoked.

That’s awesome! If I’d known that I totally wouldn’t have asked you to do it (but I’m sort of glad I did). Thank you!

It opens with “a list of women who inspire me”… from Maya Angelou to Beyonce… from Margaret Thatcher to Madeleine Albright…
I’m a member of a group who probably wouldn’t have me as a member. I can’t wait to get my first email from Oprah and an invitation to be on The View.

Well, it’s happened again. Except this time, I unintentionally roped my parents into it, too! 

So remember last week how I told you guys that a few of my posts are up on BlogHer for the “Voices of the Year” contest? Well, I was intending for other fellow bloggers who stop by here regularly to vote if they felt moved to do so. But apparently, my parents took this as a directive to work the system and rack up a few extra votes. 

Mom: “Oh, by the way, your father and I voted for your blog on BlogHer.”
Me: “Wait, you did?”
Mom: “Yeah, but it took me a while to figure out how to register. Your father got it before I did.”
Me: “Mom, I didn’t mean for you guys to vote!”
Mom: “What do you mean? You asked people to vote!”
Me, laughing: “I appreciate it, but I meant for other bloggers to go over and vote if they wanted.You guys aren’t bloggers!”
Mom: “Well, we joined SkinnyScoop so we could vote for you. By the way, I get emails from them all the time.”
Me: “You know you can take yourself off of that list, right? Although I think CB still gets those emails, too.”
Me, to CB: “Are you still on the SkinnyScoop email list?”
CB: “That’s where I got the spring cleaning tips that I printed out. But then I took myself off the list right after that.”
Me, laughing: “The things you guys will do for my blog...”
Mom: “Well, we wanted to make sure we voted. And your father and I will stay on there until the voting is completed in May. We want our votes to count!”
CB: “I’m not joining BlogHer to vote for your blog, sorry. Joining SkinnyScoop nearly got me kicked out of the Man Club as it was.”
Me: “It’s ok, I know you still love me.”
CB: “Apparently.”

So, if you're not my parents or CB and you DO want to vote (and are on BlogHer), please....

Click here! And here! And here. 

Sorry guys, this is a fake post today because my brain isn't working quite yet. But, since I posted yesterday, hopefully you'll all give me a pass and I'll make it up to you on Friday with the wrapup! 


  1. Your husband is too funny! glad he and your parents support you!!

    1. Thanks so much! Though he'll probably pass out if he reads your comment as he's my boyfriend. :-) But I like the way you think!!

  2. I just cast my vote for you! Best of luck :) Your family sounds awesome. Also, I'm so very glad the SITS girls sent me here (though I'm sorry I'm late to the party). Hope you had a wonderful day in the spotlight!!

    1. Oh thank you!!!! And thank you for visiting, I hope that you'll come back! :-)

  3. I love that your parents and CB are so dedicated! My family hardly ever reads my blog....although maybe that's a good thing? :)

    Oh p.s. I voted :)

    1. I'm very lucky, indeed! Though there are times for sure that I know all of them would rather NOT read it. :-)

      THANK YOU!!!

  4. I needed a good laugh today, thank you!!! I can't even get some of my closest friends to read my blog, you are very lucky:)

    1. You're welcome! And you're right, I'm very lucky!