Friday, February 7, 2014

Friday Wrapup

It’s that time again! Let’s get to it.


So judge’s ruling on whether you think CB and I need to take a dance class prior to our wedding so we “don’t look like middle schoolers at a dance swaying awkwardly back and forth”?

First of all, that’s sort of the look I’ll be going for on our wedding day, CB. Thanks for ruing my flow.

Second of all, I was like “Um, that seems like a waste of money?” Except then yesterday I got a Groupon email that was complete with a month’s worth of dance lessons. So I was like “Ok, this is maybe one of those ‘the universe is speaking to me’ kind of things” and so of course I emailed Beth and was like “You and Matt should take Groupon dance classes with CB and me!”

Anyway, I then told this to CB this morning.

Me: “So yesterday I got a Groupon for a month’s worth of dance lessons in the city for $25. And we can choose, like, salsa or waltz or whatever we want.”
CB: “What?”
Me: “Yeah, and so I asked Beth if she and Matt wanted to do it, too, since you have your heart set on us not looking like weirdos when we dance at our wedding.”
CB: “That’s not what I was talking about.”
Me: “Wait, what? What were you talking about?”

But then I don’t remember if he answered because I got distracted by “Good Morning America” showing us a video of a dog running in his sleep and then I left for work a few minutes later and just realized now that I don’t know if we finished the conversation? It’s been a long week.

So…that was sort of a non-story. But also now I sort of want to take salsa and figure out what CB was originally talking about. I’m a terrible human.


How on earth did I not hear of this sooner? A Beyonce-themed Valentine’s Day dinner

Me: “Um, Beth sent me a link to a restaurant in Cobble Hill that is having a Valentine’s Day dinner with a Beyonce theme.”
CB: “Oh God. Do we have to go?”
Me: “Unfortunately, they’re all sold out. But I think I know what I’m making for Valentine’s Day dinner now! I hope you like Blue Ivy potatoes.”
CB: “Maybe you should let me be in charge of Valentine’s Day this year?”
Me: “I’m so excited. This is gonna’ be awesome.”
CB: “I’m losing this one, aren’t I?”
Me: “Oh definitely.”


This week’s book of the week is simply INCREDIBLE. I read it over the Christmas holiday at my parent’s house and could not put it down. It’s called “Unbroken” and is the true story of a man who literally went through more in his lifetime than, like, 100 men combined. It’s additively compelling, beautifully written, and honestly a story that every one of us should read. I PROMISE you won’t be disappointed by this one. I promise. So click here to read my dad’s spot-on review of “Unbroken” and then seriously go buy it.    


And now, the Video of the Week! This one is brought to you by your one and only CB! A few days ago he told me about this band he found on YouTube and then we spent, like, 20 minutes watching their videos. They’re the real deal.


Happy Friday, everyone! 

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