Friday, November 21, 2014

Friday Wrapup

Let's get to it!


I'm sort of shocked that I haven't mentioned this before now, but my birthday is Monday. And the reason I'm bringing it up is two-fold: (a) J-Lo recently turned 45 and had life-sized cake made of her laying on a lion. As you do, and (b) Monday is my birthday and no I feel like I've failed at life because THIS NEVER OCCURRED TO ME. (Also, has that baker ever seen a picture of what J-Lo looks like? Just wondering.)

I'm not a huge lion fan, mainly because I think they might eat me, but I could definitely get down with, like, a Becky/Panda cake. Me hugging a panda? Or the two of us feeding each other eucalyptus or whatever Panda's eat? Wait, is that a koala I'm thinking of? That's ok, I'm good with a Panda/Koala combo.

Let's get on that, people.


This week's book is "The Light Between Oceans" by M. L. Stedman. I can always appreciate a book review that lets me know there's a movie in the works about it in case I'm too lazy to actually read.

Click here and check it out and browse for other reading inspiration!


Speaking of pandas, who else likes the snow? Ok, maybe not you guys up in Buffalo...and in Michigan....and the other parts of the country they skim over when talking about weather. But since we haven't had any yet here in NYC, I'm with the panda.


And now, the Video of the Week. This song came on my iPod this morning and it always makes me smile. So, it's this week's choice! Enjoy and happy weekend, everyone!


  1. That cake. OMG. You're right, is the baker blind? ha ha. The panda was so adorable, and after the panda video, this other video popped up "angry man stuck in snow" which was pretty funny if you ask me. I've been there! haaaa! Have a great weekend! --Amanda

    1. Hahaha I didn't watch that one, but I will now!!! Happy weekend!