Friday, January 9, 2015

Friday Wrapup

Let's get to it!


Yay, it's snowing!!!!


This is similar to the conversations CB has with me weekly when I'm just no longer making sense. I believe this is a reenactment of us the other night.


Guess what I didn't do at all over my break? Write anything about any book that I've read. Thankfully, other members of my family do not possess my slacking gene, and so check out this week's book: "Outliers" by Malcolm Gladwell.  Definitely sounds like a must-read, and since I have a handy-dandy Kindle now (thanks, sis! I'm only about 5 years behind the times!), I think I'll be downloading it soon. Click here  to check it out and peruse around the site for other snowy, stay-inside-and-read recommendations! 


Ok, so this week's Video of the Week has a back-story that always makes me laugh. Several weeks ago, I mentioned how I really liked this one Ed Sheeran song, and I'll be damned if I'm in my 30s and am probably supposed to be aged out of his music. (Sidebar: in the song he says "I'll love you until I'm 70" and I told CB that that's how we know that we're old, because that's just not that old and then I said how we better love each other well into our 90s. But then I think he stopped listening). 

Anyway, I then told CB that the only problem is that I saw the video, and it's so ridiculous that now I can't quite listen to it the same way. 

Fast forward to him catching the video a few weeks later and being like "How was this ever a good idea for this video?", to which I agreed. Two days ago:

CB: "I heard that song again on the radio and I just can't listen to it anymore because all I see is him dancing."
Me: "Told you."'re welcome. Happy Friday! 


  1. What does he think this is? Dancing with the Stars? And stop laying on the floor like a fool. Just like you and CB, now this is burnt into my eyes and brain, and just.... yuck. Happy Friday lady! Have a great weekend and I hope it is spent in pajamas, leggings or yoga pants. I know mine will!! :) Amanda

    1. That's what CB said!!
      You too, enjoy the weekend and the snow! (I love it, I know not everyone does...)

  2. Oh Ed.... why do you do this to us all?