Wednesday, January 14, 2015

My Brain is Magical (and other things people never tell me)

Ok, so I’ve talked about this here before, but I’ve come to a very scientifically sound conclusion that I can make things happen with my mind. Like, I can’t move a glass across the table by just staring at it or anything, but that’s also not a really useful way of using my magic, and so I’ve never really put my mind to trying. However, I do have magical thinking powers that make things appear and not really have an effect on my life in any real significant way, and that’s what we call a gift, people.

Here’s a very recent example to prove my sound theory:

Yesterday I was on the treadmill at the gym and happened to be trotting across from a guy who kind of looked like that guy from the tv show “Felicity” who was on season two when Felicity was an RA? And this kid was kind of annoying but popped up every now and again to move the plot along?

I’m assuming that we’re all on the same page with who I’m talking about now that I’ve clarified, and so I’ll move ahead with the story.

So anyway, I sort of awkwardly jog-stared at him to see if it was him, or if it just looked like him and I needed to stop staring. Also, if it was him, what was his name? Had I ever known his name? What else could I refer to that he’s been in more recently?

All of these questions brought back big fat nothing, and so I decided to stop side-eyeing him and concluded that it wasn’t him.

Basically exactly what he
looked like at the gym.
Without the tie.
BUT THEN, I was on the train this morning and was reading the news blurbs they have up on the tv screen to pass your time while commuting, and they have this one segment called “Guess the Celebrity.” And so what they’ll do is give you, like, three or four clues of who this person is, and then they excitedly reveal the person’s picture and name to see if you’ve guessed correctly. I play this religiously on my commute in between patiently waiting for my horoscope to come up and tell me that today will be challenging but it’s opening my eyes to new adventures.

Anyway. I’m sure you’re all way ahead of me, but it was THE SAME GUY, you guys! His name is apparently Michael Peña and, according to his IMDB page, he resides in Los Angeles (yes, I looked it up when I got to work). Which doesn’t mean he couldn’t have been residing on the treadmill yesterday in New York City, but DOES mean that my brain is magical. 

You see, while it may not be apparent to a layman, what my brain basically has the power to do is think about something or someone and then it appears. It doesn’t necessarily do anything once it appears except freak me the f out, but it appears and that’s awesome.

I mean, I could give you hundreds more examples, all of which are incredible and I share with CB on a regular basis. And then he’s like “So why haven’t you made Jessica Biel appear yet?” and I’m like “I think my brain really has to focus on it for a while.” And then he’s like “I’d appreciate you focusing more on my needs and Jessica Biel so those things appear in the future.” And then I’ve already moved on and am thinking about something else that I’d like to appear in my life more.

Happy Wednesday, everyone!  


  1. Ha ha ha! Jessica Biehl! Ok CB!!!!! :) Every once in awhile that stuff happens to me, I think I'm magic, or psychic or fancy, but it's just more of a coincidence. Like I'll be all "well Joe Smith said he wanted to marry Suzy" and then someone says "don't talk about Joe Smith because every time you do, he shows up" Well. And then he does. ha ha! ---Amanda

  2. I don't remember that dude from Felicity, and I've watched it a shit load of times. He does look familiar though, I just can't place him.

    1. Ok, so do you remember when Felicity was a RA? He was the kid who always asked her out and would randomly stopf by. And later in the season when she had that sit-in at the student medical center when she was dating that kid with the curly hair? This guy was the one who handed out flyers to get everyone to show up to the sit in.
      I'M A LOSER.