Friday, November 6, 2015

Friday Wrapup

Let's get to it!


No books. We're slackers. I'm reading two books right now, but that reading usually happens sometime around midnight-3am when I've gotten up to feed the beh-beh and then can't fall back asleep. It's possible I'm just re-reading the same four pages each night. We shall see.

However, let's pressure CB. He's reading (and enjoying) a book my parents loaned him (that has been blogged about here) and I think we should peer-pressure a review out of him when he's done. That's the sign of a healthy relationship when you group-harass your husband, I'm pretty sure. DO IT.


Tomorrow, apparently, my first essay will appear on Romper. I'm a little nervous, if I'm being honest, because it's sort of more vulnerable and serious than I normally am and I'm pretty sure my editor is like "um, we didn't hire you for your non-humor, lady." But still. I'm excited so if you follow this blog on Facebook or Twitter, you'll see me post it when it's up! Unless I re-read it and it sucks, in which case, I will keep it hidden forever.


I can't listen to the new Adele song for two and a half reasons: 1, there's this part where it seems like the beat changes and it doesn't make sense to me, and so then it takes me out of the moment and all I can think of next, and for the rest of the song, is 2, LIONEL RICHIE. I'm sorry, but you can't hear the Adele song without thinking of this one. You can't. Unless you can? In which case, you're not me, apparently. And then the half part is because it makes me sad, which I think is the point of Adele in general. But it gets me all sappy-sad and then I just want it to be raining and chilly and I want to be wearing a big, comfy sweater.


Happy Friday!