Friday, November 20, 2015

Friday Wrapup

Let's get to it!


First of all, thank you for your support of my other writing endeavors on Romper. We've gotten great feedback so far and that's in huge part due to you guys!


Second of all, the book this week is "Anya's Ghost" by Vera Brosgol. Any review with the word "whore" in it is one worth reading! (now if that didn't entice you guys, I don't know what will!)


Third. I went to Vegas last week for work First of all, the description by a colleague that it's basically "an x-rated Disney World" was pretty spot on. But also, WHY hasn't anyone ever spoken about the fact that you have to walk approximately five miles to get out of or into any one of the hotels and that you will gain approximately 8 pounds in three days because the food is delicious. WHY?

Also, even though I was there for work, two friends joined me so they could lay by the pool while I worked and then hang with me while we ate food and went to bed by 9pm. It did come up at one point - as we were snuggling into our beds in pjs while we could hear our hotel neighbors getting ready to go out - that perhaps we were "doing Vegas wrong." But we were too sleepy and full to finish that thought, and so we continued to do Vegas wrong the entire time. Especially because we couldn't convince Mary to spend $50 to see Boyz II Men. They were playing at the Mirage Hotel - right next door to our hotel - and Gwen and I were on board.

Me: "So Mary, how do you feel about Boyz II Men?"
Mary: "I feel great about 1992."

And that was pretty much the end of the "so are you interested in maybe going to see them perform tonight, minus the one band member who no longer tours with them because of his scoliosis? No? OK, let's go eat and get into our jammies instead" conversation.

Also, I woke up to this text message today:

Yes, I realize there are a few notable things happening in this text: One, when I text myself, I text "Me!" because that's how I have my number listed in my phone. Of course. Second, last time I texted myself, I'd birthed a baby who was so small that her newborn diaper went up to her armpits. So there's that. Third, at 1:37 am last night I texted myself, simply, "Boyz II Men." Because I woke up and remembered that I wanted to have Boyz II Men be the Video of the Week today. 


You're welcome, everyone from 1992. I miss videos where people slowly chair-dance while seated backwards as they're wearing blazers with shoulder pads, 

Happy Friday!


  1. How did I never notice the creepy rocking/far-off staring of the THREE people not singing during solos...I can almost smell the high school gym seeing this!

    1. Right?? Also, I think we should have CB and Matt find their mock turtlenecks and lip sync Boyz II Men for us all weekend. Pretty sure they'd be on board.

  2. I'm definitely checking into that book, you're right, if "whore" is in the description, I'M IN! ha ha! Vegas....everything is SO far. It looks SO close, but takes forever to get to on foot. I compared Chicago to Vegas during the last 3.2 miles of the marathon screaming "where's Mi ave? When do we turn? Where is is? This is like Vegas, everything is SO FAR" Vegas does have some great food, bummer about the weight gain, but whatever, you'll have that huh? I can't believe your friend didn't want to go see B2M. Awe man! Oh well. Thanks for the video. Have a great weekend, and GO SPARTY! We NEED this game!! ---Amanda