Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Conversations from Cohabitation

The other night, I excitedly gave CB our options for tv viewing:

Me: “So, you have two choices tonight for DVR stuff. One, Project Runway, which is Part One of the season finale, so exciting!”
CB: “Ok, so I’m pretty sure I’ll be going with option two.”
Me: “Option two is the Leah Remini special on 20/20 where she talks about Scientology and Tom Cruise.”
CB: “Wow, I was sure that Project Runway was going to be the one I didn’t want to watch.”
Me: “These are two very good options.”
CB: “These are two awful options.”
Me: “So which one?”
CB: “Why would we watch Leah Remini talk about Scientology?”
Me: “Because I love her. And that sounds like some crazy sh*t.”
CB: “I feel like we’ll get dumber regardless of which one we watch.”

So I turned on the Leah Remini special and CB got up from the couch.
 Me: “Where are you going?”
CB: “To get a drink. I’m definitely going to need something to get through this.”
Me: “Be honest – you need a drink here and there to get through our marriage.”
CB: “Not untrue.” 

Happy Wednesday, everyone! Keep an eye out this Saturday for my first essay on Romper!

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  1. It's sad how much I relate to these conversations, Becky.