Monday, November 30, 2015

Reinventing the Wedding

So this weekend I went to a wedding and it was everything a wedding should be – beautiful and elegant with delicious food, great music, and lots of laughs. However, I had an ingenious idea about halfway through the night that I immediately shared with CB and he was like “Nobody would want to do that. People love dressing up.” To which I yelled “Lies!” while running down the hall carrying my sparkly high-heeled shoes like an over-tired Cinderella.


MOVE OVER Snuggies and Pajama Jeans, there’s a new, cozy Sheriff in town. And her name is Pajama Weddings.

Right??? Let’s Trademark this immediately. I mean, first of all, CB is totally wrong – people only love dressing up for a photo or two and then they’re all like “Ugh, I wish this dress had an elastic waist so I could enjoy this mac n’ cheese bar more.” Plus, I don’t care how fancy you are, after a few hours of eating and drinking a bunch, you pretty much don’t care if you look slammin’ (are the kids still/have they ever said that?). You know what you want to do? Put on your pj’s, dance to a little Beyonce, and celebrate love in comfort.

Think about it – instead of writing “Black Tie Optional” (which always gives me anxiety), you can write “Footie PJ’s Optional.” That way, people who don’t own adult-sized footed pajamas won’t feel out of place, since it was only an option. But if you go full-on footie, you’re right at home. Also, you can really make this a niche market, all fashion designers. Gone are the days of the yoga pants and hoodie (a staple in my household because CB is the luckiest man ever) - now you can get super into finding just the right pj’s for the event. Evening wedding? Maybe a little silk is in your pj future. Summer wedding? A cute pj tank and matching shorts say you’re a girl in the know!

Plus, slippers. BOOM. Mind blown, I’m a genius.

Who's with me. Also, someone get married and do this, I totally already blew it!

Happy Monday! 


  1. YES! And, I'll have you know I own THREE pair of footie pajamas! I could eat 30 lbs of mac n cheese and be super comfy! GREAT idea! Don't let CB bring you down! ---Amanda

  2. You are genius! I love dressing up for about an hour then, I'm looking for my PJ's!