Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Friendapalooza The Wedding: Part Deux

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So, something you should know about me is that I’m a giant, insanely emotional sap when it comes to weddings. I’ve always been this way, I will always be this way, and it has become a running joke among my friends. I cry when the bride walks down the aisle (sometimes – if the groom is crying), I definitely cry when you’re saying your vows - I mean, I’m not a monster, I have a soul -  and then I’ll for sure cry again at some point while you’re having your first dance and potentially when one or both of you is dancing with your father/mother.

I’m a good time all around.

So, CB obviously thoroughly enjoys going to weddings with me, and this weekend was no exception. I mean, after the weekend we’d had so far, he knew it was going to be a blast. However, what he wasn’t prepared for was that, over the course of the evening, he would end up can-canning with the guys to Frank Sinatra, running back to the hotel to get my flip flops so I could properly dance to “Call Me Maybe” without breaking my neck in heels, and comforting me once the pizza after-party in our hotel room came to an end and all of our friends left, leaving me in a sobbing heap on the bed because I was sad that we rarely get to see each other.

Like I said, I’m a good time all around.  

But let’s get real, all weddings are fun, right? Unless you have a black hole where your heart should be, then maybe not. Otherwise, I think in most instances, you feel the love and joy and excitement in the room and just feed off of that.

But Mike and Jess’ celebration may have taken the cake.  

Besides the fact that they clearly love each other and are an awesome team, they really love their friends and family, and it shows. Plus, there’s something about stepping back for a moment and seeing it in its entirety: looking up at Mike saying his vows to this incredible woman, and remembering the kid I met 25 years ago in 5th grade. The kid with the big grin and infectious laugh, friendly to everyone, breaking hearts left and right. 

Find the kid with the biggest smile and the skinniest tie,
and you will find the groom. Also, you'll
find me because I'm the one who clearly knows how to sit
like a lady in a dress. 

And then looking over and seeing our best friends standing next to him, and sitting next to me, and I flash back over the last two plus decades, feeling humbled and overjoyed and lucky beyond words that these people are my family of friends.

Anyway, instead of trying to inadequately tell you about the time we had that night….I’ll just go ahead and show you. Enjoy. 

This isn't the bride and groom. But it IS true love.

Keeping it classy, like we do. Also, I think Mrs. B (our 5th grade
teacher above) would be super proud.

Hey look! Some of us married people who DIDN'T go to our
high school! 

Also, I think maybe Matt and Mike had their
own commitment ceremony on the side?

Jazz hands! Also, open bar.

Um, ok. There's an explanation. This photo happened JUST as
Whitney Houston's "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" came on
and I lost my mind. Or, as Kyle has lovingly dubbed it:
"Guys, it's my JAM!"

And, you know, these guys tied the knot and stuff. 

Congratulations, Mikie and Jess! 


  1. Great photos! Looks like a fun time! Friends are the best when they've been in your life for a while!

  2. You guys are awesome. I love weddings and am a total crier. I managed to make it through mine without crying (HAPPY tears, God!) but it was really hard.

    This looks like so much fun, and I would cry after the pizza party was over too! Was there an awesome dessert bar with this one? :)

    1. Haha no awesome dessert bar. BUT, CB did give me his cupcake, so I got TWO cupcakes, which is almost as good as my own dessert bar. :-)

      I'll TOTALLY cry at mine! I'm glad you were able to hold it together!

    2. The last wedding we went to, not only did I eat John's cupcake, I stole 2 others that were at unoccupied place settings, wrapped them in napkins, stuffed them in my purse, and ate them afterwards. Bad or genius idea? I go with genius...John shakes his head.

    3. I say genius!!! I, too, ate some extra cupcakes the night BEFORE the wedding as well - maybe I'll tell that story someday. It's akin to when I ate goldfish crackers out of the garbage. I'm like a raccoon.