Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday Wrapup!

Happy First Day of Summer, everyone! I think it's only appropriate that it's occurring on a Friday, so let's get right to it! 


Steve Jobs has failed me.

You see, one of the perks of working in downtown Manhattan is that, for a brief moment each day, I get to rub shoulders with people who pay more for their three bedroom loft per month than I’ve made in my entire adult life. Usually because they’ve been on a successful tv show or are in movies, though sometimes it’s because they appeared on reality television, were incredibly horrible to other reality tv personalities, and then bought a five million dollar loft to remind them that cruelty pays off in the end.

Either way, though, I get a little flutter in my stomach when I see some of these people. In the course of my daily commute I’ve seen Ron Howard, Casey Affleck, Liv Tyler, and Elvis Costello. However, I’ve never taken any pictures because (a) they’re usually walking by me or getting into a cab or (b) I didn’t want to scare them.

However yesterday, when I happened upon Amy Poehler just standing against a building texting - obviously waiting for this moment to arrive - I had to take action. So, in the cool, calm, and collected manner to which I’ve never grown accustomed, I stood on the corner, kind of weirdly stared at her to make sure it was actually her, looked around at all of the people just walking by NOT noticing Amy Poehler and being weird about it, and decided I needed to capture this moment on film.

So I pulled out my iPhone and took a stealthy sideways Instagram shot of her by holding the camera up non-discreetly, clicking the button, and promptly moving along on my merry way.

I must admit that I was quite proud of myself. I did it! I finally got a picture of a celebrity! I’m totally blogging about this!

And then it happened.

The picture appeared……the phone froze….a little circle appeared on the screen and started going round and round, and I yelled out “Noooooooooooooooo!” on a public sidewalk to solidify my weirdness to passersby.

And when the phone came back on? No Poehler. No proof. No joy left in the world.

Thanks a lot, Steve Jobs.

Um, I cannot wait.


So as you all know, the day is growing closer for our big move and I’m in full packing mode. Because of this, my cat, Oliver, has gotten in on the action and is quite excited for co-habitation with CB.

He was very excited to lay on the boxes and help,
but when I texted his grandma this picture and she likened him
to a barrel, his feelings were hurt and he decided to hide.

I spy Oliver!


While I’m busy packing, the rest of my family is together in Michigan enjoying fun in the summer sun. So obviously, none of us has had time to blog about what we’re reading, though I’m getting close with the “Detroit” book I mentioned last week.

In the meantime, though, I did take this photo of a book I’ve blogged about here, so that’s something.

Don't worry, CB, I packed it!


And now, the video of the week. I’ve been waiting for this song to come out on iTunes and they refuse to give into my demands. However, never one to be stopped by reality, I just decided last night that, instead, I’d just play this song over and over on YouTube while packing and, as you saw above, that totally worked out for me! Also, singing “I’m a Grown Woman” while packing my Tori Spelling book totally makes me feel complete.

So…enjoy! Happy Friday, everyone, go enjoy your weekend!


  1. I love that you have a cat named Oliver. I used to have a dog named Richard. I'm all about,people names for pets.

    Sorry about your poorly-timed iPhone failure. Maybe the photo is still in the guts of the phone somewhere and can be coaxed out.

    1. Thanks! I love people name for animals, too. However, what I do not enjoy is animals dressed like humans. That takes it too far!

  2. Seriously, iPhone? Seriously?? Uncool.

  3. My kitty is named Oscar. Past kitties have been Fred and George. I guess we have similar kitty-naming ideals!

    1. Those are great names! Actually, CB sometimes calls Ollie Oscar. At first he actually thought that was his name, but after a while, he just kept it up because he knew that it'd get a rise out of me. Now I just think it's sweet - it's their thing :-)

  4. I've read every book Tori Spelling has written and, as an author, she's totally underrated. How could anyone not love sTORI Telling? It's genius. Pure, unadulterated genius. So my point is: I like your style.

  5. I have not encountered many celebrities here in Maine, although I understand there are several who have homes here.