Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Week in Pictures

Even though we were busy getting all engaged and stuff, CB and I spent one glorious week visiting my parents in Northern Michigan and actually did things other than use port-o-potties and do some proposing!

So, without any further adieu, I will share with you our week in pictures. Enjoy.

CB was in his element, skipping stones on Lake Michigan
and not being at all nervous that he was about to propose
to his most favorite person later that day. 

I was also in my element trying to convince CB to"just do it"
and climb the 450 ft dune at Pierce Stocking Drive. He was
totally on board once I told him that the first time I did it (admittedly
severely out of shape, dehydrated, and 14 years old), I threw up 7 times.
He was completely psyched. 

But he totally did it! Though this picture is deceiving. While it
looks like I'm ahead of him (truth) and my dad is jogging along side him (also truth),
he did the entire dune in record time and my dad and I just did half.
Also, we were hazing him because he was about to become part of the family
and that's how we roll. 

This actually happens. And it's awesome.
CB said he felt like he was in the movie
"Doc Hollywood."

This looks like a very serene view of the gorgeous
bay, yes? Right. Well, this was taken after CB and I decided
to go on a two hour kayaking excursion where the Coast Guard
circled above us twice, we literally went in a circle, and our kayak
was so filled with water upon our return that the guy running the place
said it was the most water he'd ever seen in all his years doing it.
We were proud. 

Also, perhaps we've nailed down the problem,
since this was my idea of kayaking. Poor CB.

My parents being all cute on their way to the 4th of July parade.
41 years, baby! 

Please, CB, he needs no encouragement.

Apparently, CB doesn't need any encouragement, either!
He totally walked in the 4th of July parade, held a banner AND a sign AND wore
a Leelanau Conservancy hat that my dad gave him. It's like he's one of us.
Welcome to the family! 

The most adorable man. And Grand Marshall for, like, 40 years.

And just for good measure, even though I posted this earlier in the week,
the scene of all of the love and proposing and squeals. 

Happy Wednesday, everyone!


  1. Your trip looks like so much fun (especially the engagement part!)

    It totally is like Doc Hollywood! I've never been to Michigan, but I am obviously missing out! that dune looks killer! But I would haze my husband to be into going up it also ;)

  2. How terrific! Glad your fiance is fitting into the family so well!

  3. My husband got hazed entering our family too. And now he fits right in!!

    1. Haha good to know it's a fine tradition among many families!